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Discussion in 'General' started by BLARNEYSTONES, May 24, 2006.

  1. alright gotta quickie. i went on a camping trip and took pictures with a throw-away-camera and most of the pictures are like people taking bong rips...and doing other illegal activties. can i take this camera to my local CVS with out getting in heat?;)
  2. You cant get busted for pictures anyway. You have to actually have drugs(I believe). Besides I know people who work at photo places. And they all smoke.

    EDIT: Well, it also depends on what kind of illegal activites I would imagine. Is it just people smokin weed and stuff?
  3. well as long as you arent holding up the buds and stuff i think you should be fine. Just pictures of people smoking out of a bong isnt enough to prove that it is weed, but holding up some buds or other drugs

    i am not really sure how it works, but be careful
  4. as far as I know they wont give you the film if your doing anything illegal but I dont think they go through the pictures but like they said go pick that shit up clean GL to you bro scan that shit and post it =)
  5. man go develop it the ycant do shit because htye have no prrof that it is weed
  6. yea the pictures are pretty harmless...just people smokin pot fishing naked doing kegstands....no pictures of the hiker we killed then put in the lake.:D
  7. lol i dont think they will give u the pix if u have naked folks on them cus thats wat they tried to do to my cus but then he asked if he could see them and the lady let him so he just took off with them
  8. Dont take your film to some big coorperation like cvs or walgreens, or etc. I suggest taking it to some private owned film shop. Thats how I get my nudies developed, big film stores wont develop it.:)
  9. could just get a digital camera too....
  10. Yeah I'd definitely take it to an independant place. If they seem cool, just straight-up ask them what they do with pictures that contain nudity and parephenalia. It's not like you can get busted or anything for asking a question.
  11. idk theyve printed weed/coke/nude pictures for me.
  12. Yeah, private shops will develop anything. They want your money and business, they cant compete with big shops. I think my guy is some perv, who keeps a copy of my shots for himself. Everytime I go there he ask what I have for him today?
  13. What do you have for me today?
  14. If youre asking me? Sorry babe the mods are prudes.:)

    If you can't deal with the fact that we have rules here then, please, go elsewhere! Everything you post seems to get reported so it's not only the mods, admins and webmaster that would prefer that you not post what you post, it's many of the members too. A lot of people have been here for years and call the City home and respect the rules. *RMJL
  15. haha that what the pms are for shoot me a pm LOL;)
  16. Hold on to your dick man.
  17. when your pissing

  18. sure,

    you were just smoking legal salvia mixed with bacci right?

    No one under 18 right?
  19. I'm sorry but I agree with the mods. You're 40. You're an attention whore. You probally google most your pictures and really look like a cross of bucktooth bill and leatherface. Please don't insult those that work so hard to make the city worth posting at. Oh and most users here are half your age, thats like me dating a 14 year old or showing her indecenet pictures of me.

  20. THANK YOU Tecknolust.

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