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  1. Guys! So good to be back!! I’ve been gone for a while after my fiancé passed away unexpectedly... God rest her soul

    but I’m headed to CALI to open my very own and COMPLETELY funded 60x60 sq ft warehouse and my funders want ALL DWC and ALL QB’s. Best of the best. I was given an incredible opportunity guys, and I know allot of my old friends might still be on here. You know who you are.

    I need help (or would like) help choosing/building the layout. And I’ve lost touch with the genetics scene. What’s the hottest new autos to hit the market? Anything large and sustainable? Stable?

    Yes this is real, yes I’m actually Clyde. The one and only. QB96 freak ;) rememberers me now? Lol anyways just sending out an SOS. I need some pro’s opinions
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  2. welcome back Clyde, sorry for your loss.
    Exciting times up ahead bro! I thought
    I did this thread, never caught on, but was on biotech sector for cannabis:
    The bioengineering of cannabis
    In it is the mention of Trait, have a look at some of their innovations coming.
    Glad you're back with us.
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  3. Sorry for your loss brother.
    Good deal on the new gig, as for the layout...I'm invisioning qb96's, LOTS of qb96's!
    Actually they are still some of the best lights around ALTHOUGH if you want to talk effeciency, have you seen the new offering from HLG? The Diablo board, basically its two and a half 288 boards crammed into one (sane size as a 288), and the efficacy is insane (2.87umol/J at 2.2A, compared to qb288 2.63umol/J at 2.1A). If I was buying a whole new light system for a large space Id go with those , they use the latest Samsung diodes+samsung deep red and you'll save on electric. Oh and the spectrum is very similar to the qb96
    QB648 DIABLO
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  4. ooooooo "drools" im def using ALL 96'2 or those. i'll def have the funds to do it. for once in my life! i got an INCREDIBLE oportunity! its almost too hard to put into words. its a very long story... maybe i'll make a thread abt my rise and fall... and rise again. :) and thanks for your condolences.... miss her every single day.. no one to yell at me for spending too much time w my plants anymore.... i miss that so much..

    but i have to move forward, and thats exactly what im doing. im excited, and im RIPPED off some platinum GSC my buddy grew. soooo good!

    its so great to see everyone, you esp trojangrower
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  5. hey patricia :) its nice to meet you :)
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  6. man its so good to hear from you! and thank you.... shit was crazy bro... i dont even know how to describe it.

    but im cali bound and ready to do what you all know i do best! ;) and i'll be needing workers too. to any of my old buddies, your MORE than welcome to come try ur luck out in cali w me :) this is fail proof tho, i've got some heavy hitters behind me. and they know their shit. big time
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  7. :D californ-ee-i-A!
    very happy for you, I'd come, but they'd shoot me at the border.
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  8. Oh damn, did u guys notice SOLD OUT diablos all of em :confused:
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    Would you mind posting where you grabbed those μmol/J figures? I can't find any Diablo numbers.

    @ClydeWalters sorry to hear, and also sounds like a great opportunity!
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  10. Condolences, and congratulations. Bittersweet, but that’s life.
  11. I got it from the Datasheet (it's linked in the product page but kinda hard to see)
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  12. What do you mean OR?! We want to see a warehouse full of Diablos! :metal::metal::watching:

    Also im sure HLG will cut you a deal if you buy enough to fill a large space like that.
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  13. They usually restock pretty quickly when that happens.
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  14. Man I heard about that sorry for your loss man.
    Some of us are still around and kicking dust around GC. But most of the homies have moved to an invite only forum. I can get an invite sent to ya if you’d like. Mad knowledge and stupid good growers there. Also, there’s like 2 or 3 guys that are absolute lighting gurus. lol we just ordered (52) 96elites for the commercial grow. Went DWC and haven’t looked back. Here’s skunk hero and blueberry Obama. wasn’t sure we’d ever talk to ya again!! Glad you’re back around dude!

    IMG_0372.JPG IMG_0373.JPG


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  15. @Soil2Coco tell them that cannalysts is the bomb diggity.
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  16. i prefer it here at GC. I pop in to Cannalysts every now and then but spend most of my time here. I like to help the new growers
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