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    Hey y'all,

    I am taking part in the GFP  that California Light Works is offering, and I just received the SolarFlare 220 that I requested today. I already have one of the older 200 models, so I already knew what to expect. Of course light works great and met my expectations, I immediately set it up over my girl which was running under the older model. My plant started life as a clone and was transferred to a DWC set-up and was vegged for 3 weeks under the SF200, then switched to flower which it has been in for about a week. I have a few more clones on the way that will go in the tent with her here soon. I will set-up the rest of the lights when they are ready and go in. This is my second grow, I also have a MH/HPS set-up that I used for my first grow (still underway, almost finished) that was great. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments, I'd really like to keep this active. Thanks for looking!

    Lights: SF200, SF 220, XXX
    DWC - 5 Gal - Hydroton
    Tent: 6ft x 2ft x 8ft
    Nutrients: GH Flora Duo A&B, GH Rapid Root, GH Silica
    4" Inline Fan & 4" carbon filter
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    I definitely plan on taking a few clones from her; I am waiting until it gets bigger, when the branches are 8-9 inches.  She is LST'd that's why she looks all bent over side ways if you noticed. I now have the SF 220 hanging above it and the SF 200 hanging at an angle facing it, so it's getting a decent amount of light. That is until I get a few more clones in the tent, I should have three ready here in about a week, from a couple different strains. I'm gonna add a third led here soon to have enough coverage for all the plants.

    The yellowing on the fan leaf is from when I left the light a little too close over night... oops.
  3. Another update, plant growth is coming along great and the roots are really growing at a rapid rate. The pH is acting awesome fore me, when I change it I leave the pH at 6.5 and by next res change the pH is 5.5. Not having to worry about pH pretty much makes this worry free, pretty cool. Temps are good averaging 75 deg.
    Picked up some GH Koolbloom and GH CaliMagic to supplement during flower, haven't decided if I'll grab GH floralacious too. I should've been adding the calmag during veg but were good.
    I added some before and after pictures of the LSTing i did today.
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    Buds started forming, plant is growing fantastically under the led lights.
  5. so what happened?

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