Clumsy Hands For A Disappointing Night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Typewritermonky, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So Valentine's Day was incredibly fun, got super stoned and was with some really good friends, and we crashed at my friends place. Got a ride back to my house, went to a friends shortly after and smoked. Then, came home high as a kite and went to tend to my little weed sprout, about 1 and a half week old, 7 inches high. Came to water it, and when I dropped the cup in the pot, when I picked it up somehow I pulled the top of my sprout off, the two sprout leaves and the two or so 'weed' leaves. Now it's just a headless sprout. Is there any use keeping it in the pot? Will it grow new leaves? Or is my Neville's Haze plant doomed? Thanks.
  2. It'll grow new leaves. It's a plant. :p
  3. im pretty sure it would die without a head? dont quote me on that tho, i also thought oranges grew like potatoes :eek:
  4. I've never grown myself, but it just seems to me like it wouldn't die as a result... if he had crushed the roots or spilled something in the soil, that might fuck with the plant, but the extensions of the plant can re-grow... hopefully... :p
  5. Now you put it like that. aye it might just pull through :p
  6. super glue em back on :D
  7. No. Just, no.

    I did that to one of my plants and it grew back.
    It might grow back stronger than before.
    Gotta love nature.
  8. it happened to me and i just taped it on... worked like a charm
  9. Yup, if you prune your plants properly, it stimulates them to grow flowers/fruits/branches, etc.

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