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  1. So if U were growing 6 seeds the natural way in soil.And they were shooting up like a weed ! Would you leave the grow light on em for 24 hours till they grow a bit more? At what point is it vital that you go to 12/12.
  2. You can do it straight from the brginning if you WANT though that will give them no timr to vegetate. When the leaves stop growing symmetrically with each others nodes, thats when its mature. Of course you could also go to the absolute beginners forum and read the stickied information there. Very useful stuff.
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    You go either 18/6 or 24/0 in the vegetative growth period

    Once your plants have sustained the hight and girth desired you induce the flowering period by switching to 12/12 this triggers hormones in the plant and it will develop thc and buds.

    Also stickies are there for a reason
  4. what does this have to do with security?

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