Discussion in 'General' started by purpleSparkles, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I'm a newbie.
    Ok, so a guy who is a friend of mine asked me to smoke an 8th with him. I told him I wish I could, but I was broke. So he said it was cool and that he'd pay. I'm kinda new to smoking (it's my 3rd time) so idk if this means something or not.
    He also offered to do tripple c's with me for free (not sure what that is).
  2. He's gay for you man, and pedophilia is mad illegal too homie so you should dip
  3. oh... um... i'm a girl...
  4. Liar there are no girls on the internet

    On a serious note he's either just being nice or he wants in your pants those are the only two options. Idk what tripple c's are but YOLO right

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