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  1. I have a plant that's about 6 weeks into flowering. For the last month leaves have been dying off at a rate of 1-2 every few days. They yellow from the tips and the wilt and fall off.

    At first I though it was a nutriant problem, but no matter how much I fed her she still lost leaves.

    There are a few gnats that I noticed a week ago. They showed up after I noticed the problem and I've had a hard time killing them. I don't think they're the root of the problem, but I'm going to change the soil and pot to see if it helps.

    Any idea what could be wrong?
  2. Mine is doing the exact same thing at week 4 I thought I was over feeding so I gave just water and still not helping its making it to the top of the bud turned all the bottom buds almost orange and I see the pistils on top start to turn orangish brown really makes no sense so upsetting because it was my best looking plant
  3. The leaves do wither and die during flowering. Especially at the end
  4. Mine is dying Forsure
  5. If in doubt flush, with air temperature water, 3 times the volume of the pot, this is an attempt to remove those toxic salts that have built up from your over feeding the plant, allow to recover for a week in a dim to mild room,(raise the lamp) and keep a small fan in there to remove excess humidity, and allow the plant to breathe, feed again in about a week at half strength, allow the plant to recover slowly


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