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  1. To start off, i ate the most glorious pizza dinner EVER and getting stoned after it was sooo nice.
    ok here goes:
    After eating the pizza, my dad went into the basement to have his after dinner smoke(only pipe tobacco sadly, wish he toked:( ) so i decided to have myself a few bowls. I go out back onto our hammock and smoked 2 good sized bowls, very excellent.

    i return inside to watch Dodgeball(was just coming on HBO, still on i think) and my mom had just gotten home from work when i sat down, went to another room for tv thankfully and let me keep watchin on the big screen. After about 5-10 minutes(i really lose track of time when blazed) my sister and her two kids (one is 8 and the other is 6) came over to check up on how i was doing since I've been away at college and talk and the younger little dude(6 yr old) wanted to show me the hat his mom just bought him(kellogs racing nascar hat i think) i was checkin it out and my sister walked over to me and leaned in and goes "Hey, do you know what Highway 420 is?"

    haha being blazed and hearing her mention 420 just brought a smile to my face. i was sitting there struggling to not laugh and tried to make my face look like i was thinking about the term as if i hadnt heard of it before and i barely mangage to respond "nope never heard of it" which she replies "good now i dont feel so old(shes 30 something btw...yeah i dont know exact age haha shut up)" She goes on to tell me that the little man had picked out that hat because he wanted it and she asked the cashier(at steve and barry's) what it meant (because she is older and didnt know was her excuse haha) and the cashier straight up told her is was a holiday type thing for people who smoke weed. When she was telling me this when it came time to say weed she leaned in close and whispered it like it was a big deal, by this point i am at the verge of dying laughing, but i managed to hold it back. I was just like "oh, then laughed a little bit" and thankfully she walked away. After this i got up, went into the garage and just let lose laughing because i could not hold it in anylonger and i didnt want a bunch of questions for why i was laughing.

    It is so awesome how oblivious my family is to smoking and how they feel it is such a harmful bad thing(they would all disown me and probably forget i am a part of the family if they were to find out, probabaly not my dad but my sister and mom DEFINATELY)

    Anyways, i just wanted to share with you guys what has happened so far in my day, probably gonna go party later on tonight. Peace fellow blades and bladies :hello::smoking::smoke:
  2. your family is kinda like mine. except that my sister wouldnt disown me but my mom and dad would. they really tick me when they think they know stuff and try to force their own beliefs on me. then again its kinda funny because you are like me also because i get high and am around my family sometimes 2 lol.
  3. haha my parents asked me the same thing so i told them

    my parents know i smoke though so its all good.....i wonder what this 420 is gonna be like though, they'll probably be askin me if im stoned yet lol

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