Clueless kids?

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  1. Please note: this is not directed at anyone in this forum, nor any specific person.

    So, today I read this really sad article (link below) that made me think about how I want to raise my future child.
    Article: Wildlife Extra News - British kids clueless when it comes to nature – the shocking results of TV survey

    I mean, who is to blame for these kids thinking rediculous things like "cows hibernate" and not knowing that trees produce oxygen? I personally feel that the blame is spread around to the family and the school system. Having experienced the decline of the school system personally, I think I would prefer to have a hands on approach and possibly even do a hybrid online school program for my child. I understand that schools cannot teach everything, and parents are busy, but these facts seem pretty simple!

    It also got me thinking about some people I've known that were pretty clueless. A few years ago, I dated a guy who was 22. He was just finishing his BA, lived with his dad, and had never worked a day in his life. He had some interesting ideas... like telling me that if we got married, we could live with his dad... and saying that because he had a 4 year degree, that he didn't need work experience. He firmly believed that he could walk into any place he wanted, show them his resume, and get a job as a CEO. When he finished school and was having a hard time finding work, I suggested he go apply for a job at McDonalds or similar min wage job just to get him through the tough times until he found something better (and to give him work experience). This idea infuriated him. He thought it was more productive to go wear a suit and sit all day in an italian restaurant because this way, he could be hired by the mob. Yeah, seriously. I ended up breaking it off because I couldn't date someone who was so clueless and ignorant. Last I knew, he still had no job and was living with his dad.
    Anyone else know people like that?
  2. my ex girlfriend...clueless bout lots of things, mainly the states though. she was born in pennsylvania but moved to arkansas and went up to pennsylvania every thanksgiving. until she met me, she thought pennsylvania was in the pacific northwest. then i told her i am moving to new jersey. she said "is that in arkansas?" -_- no, it borders the state you go to once a year and were born in woman, sheesh. she's like that with a lot of things too. kind of annoying, but not her fault.
  3. Every generation is clueless about something.

    Are you trying to imply that there has ever once been a generation of mankind who knew everything?

    I do agree, this is common us...and kids today spend a shit ton more time learning txt abbreviations than they do say...fractions.....but life goes on, and these young ones will do ok :)

    Every generation is rediculous. When I was a teenager, it was popular to wear your pants hanging well off your ass, and our school Juggalo's would come in with fully painted faces. It was fucking retarded..... goes on, kids grow up, and take their unique experiences and turn them into something. It's human nature :)
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    Oh but funny story!!!

    I started dating this girl from my shotokan class....many years ago. I was driving along one night with her, and told her I really wanted to visit Australia...perhaps even live there. She stared at me, and I was like...."Wtf weird ass question is she formatting in her mind right now...."

    She asked, "Can you speak Australian?"

    Halfway to my cigarette my lighter paused. It was like a cross between having a stroke, and just being really confused....

    "They don't have their own language.....they speak english, just with a weird accent...."

    She thought on it for a moment.

    "It was a part of England originally right?"

    The fact that she made such a dumb question sound relatively smart, was enough for me to drop it and go on to Dave and Busters with her :)
  5. She probably is used to those Fosters commercials "Australian for Beer"...

    Though it is kind of funny you could have replied "Oh sure, I know how to say 'g'day mate' and 'shrimp on the barbie' and I already call girls 'sheilas'."
  6. I can't think of specific stories right now but there are hundreds. I likely could but am too beat.

    My girlfriend who is a A+, 4th year pharmacy student, is a case of a clueless individual. Anything about politics, geography, or most importantly history, is WAY over her head. She thought WWI was in the 30s. I've helped her study and she is a fucking scientist. Like this stuff is insane. I guess you can be stupid and smart, depending how you apply yourself.
  7. Good for you for making her your ex. lol

  8. haha not gonna lie, i tend to screw up history dates too. as a physics major i spent my 5 years in college with my face in a math or physics book, so i rarely studied much history or i sound kind of retarded when i talk about that stuff.
    i wish i was more well rounded :(
  9. "They don't know where conkers come from"

    That is the saddest thing I have ever heard.
  10. A co-worker of mine put in his two weeks and was about to move to England

    I'm talking to another co-worker and I go, "Can you believe Andy is moving to London?" and she replies, "Yeah. Does he even speak French?"

    It took all of my self-control not to verbally maul her on the spot
  11. My brother is one of the most clueless/oblivious people I've met.

  12. Well I'm just gonna go ahead and take your word for it
  13. I've always thought about home-schooling my kid. But, most home-schooled kids are really socially akward immature people.
  14. Nope. You're going to have to drive to Earth and find out for yourself! :D
  15. I've known some great, social homeschooled kids, but you are right about most of them.
    That's why if I did it, I'd do the online hybrid thing... kid does PE/music/whatever at the regular physical/traditional school for half day, and then comes home and does online extras (math, foreign language, engineering, etc). As long as you make sure to socialize the kid through daycare and field trips and such, it shouldn't be an issue.
  16. I had a teacher fight with me over if there were 3 weeks in a month not 4 in 2nd grade, she said three and i fought her on it and got in trouble.
  17. Hell yeah

    Tough guy alert
  18. Only the ignorant retards are the ones who can't tell what everyone means by "clueless" kids.

    If you've had a lot of encounters of people thinking they're better than you at something, chances are, you're not that good at it.

    And, if you think others are "know-it-alls", chances are, your a "not-know-shit".

  19. Jubillion beans, eh
  20. Oh, nevermind. It's just a little douche-bag kid trolling looking for attention.

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