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Discussion in 'General' started by Tonz, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I want to make like a tree house type thing but on the ground kind of like a shed.
    I was thinking it could be like 12 ft by 12 ft
    I could put like 1 or 2 couches in there and I could have some portable speaker like this
    and some bean bag chairs.

    Maybe 2 or 3 windows

    I really want to do this and I want to know how much it would cost to make it, i want to make it last too. like for a couple of years.
    like how much would it cost for the stuff you put on wood so that the rain doesnt make it rot.

    I want it to have a wood floor not anything really fancy, I want to be able to sleep in it and not get wet if it rains.

    I was thinking i could make the roof out of this

    and a design like this

    any other ideas? how much might this cost?
  2. ur too stoned bro..... or ur 12y/o
  3. Just go buy a shed from menards or some hardware store
  4. Nah its just it would be nice to have a place to smoke in private and chill
  5. ye just buy a shed and soup it up with your own touch

    there was another blade who lived in a shed and his looked pretty good, i forget his name though

    you can add interior walls and carpet to keep it warm, you dont even need insulation

    its not easy, but if you can gather a few friends, then you'll be done in just a few days

    and make sure you have power
  6. A couple thousand dollars either way, and usually the DIY thing only saves you money if you're smart about what you're doing, and too many simple yet costly mistakes will make the whole venture less rewarding.

    And if you're actually serious about buying something (because most people are content with paying the rent on an apartment), make sure its not only sturdy but well conditioned (or insulated if you plan on using it for any other season than the summer) for the elements (the outdoor ones); this is especially important whenever mold becomes an issue and you don't want to scrap the entire thing and waste your initial investment.

    Good luck.

  7. i feel ya man....thats what my living room is for tho.
  8. but i live with my mom and im like 15

  9. Bahookahjoe? I've also lived in one, made just like the ones you can buy but it was home-made lol.

    Didn't have a couch, but we had a bed,computer,tv,360 and chairs.
  10. how did u get electricity in it?

  11. The people who built it did it themselves. The shed is a friends' and I lived there for a while, it was built like 30 years ago so idk but I'm sure you can find someone who knows about wiring stuff like that.
  12. your club should have more bitches than dicks.

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