Club 64 - America's 1st Recreational Cannabis Club opening today at 4.20pm

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Mozambiqua, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I can see the lines now. Cram packed all waiting to get in. You look back at all the stoners screaming. Then you look forward and see all the feds in the front..

    In hoping its not like this but i have a feeling it will be.


  2. From what I read, I believe it's a club, not a store. You go there and get to smoke, and meet other stoners.

    At least, that's what I read.
  3. Yea i see what your saying. But i personally dont think i would want to be a part of the first recreational marijuana facility in the united states. It just sounds like trouble waiting to happen. Once more stores and buildings open up that will be the time to get involved i believe. Have a bit more of a fighting chance number wise.


  4. I can just see it now....some OGs show up and start shooting the place up. Great publicity.

  5. Chill guys. The paranoia will kill them for sure!
  6. My dad told me this last night. Might have to swing by
  7. i think as with most things i would wait to goto a cannabis club untill a few have opened and all the kinks get worked out but thats just me
  8. Well, last night seemed to be a huge success. Went off without a hitch
  9. Glad to hear.

  10. does it have chill couches and chill music?

  11. You went and paid the club fee? Having to pay money to join is the only thing keeping me.
  12. [quote name='"Harry Hood"']does it have chill couches and chill music?[/quote]

    Yes it does
  13. [quote name='"MichaelMongrel"']

    You went and paid the club fee? Having to pay money to join is the only thing keeping me.[/quote]

    I didn't go, I did watch a news clip of it on YouTube though. I think it's only 30 for a membership. Seems worth it to me.
  14. they've had something like this in Toronto at the very least since I was 13 (I am now 22, 23 in feb)... Its called the Toronto Hemp club. You go upstairs and last time I went you paid 5$ went in and got to use their digital Volcanoes for free. BYOMJ of course but still...Also you could rent bongs for the day (prices varied based on the bong). Lastly you had to be over 18. (I never went in until I was 18)...the was also i think hotbox cafe in toronto and kindred cafe, but kindred got shut down I believe.

    edit: Kindred had rooms you could rent that hald flat screens ps3s and xbox 360s as well as full stereo systems.
  15. This is a false article.

    Americas first weed smoke friendly place is in Olympia, Washington. Some small place they started allowing it the second day it was legal. Still need a membership and whatnot though

  16. That's worth knowing - do you know if there's a local news article about it somewhere?

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