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Clove joint.. mmm....

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by endusto, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Have you ever heard of clove cigarettes? You know, Djarum Blacks? Well I saw some cloves sitting in my spice rack yesterday and wondered what a clove join would taste like. So I rolled me a joint with with about 8 parts weed to 1 part tobacco from a colt cigar and then sprinkled 6 clove bulbs on the mix. I added about 0.5cm of straight tobacco at both ends so it would light easily and when it came time to toss I would just be throwing away tobacco and not gods gift to man. But damn! That joint was so nice I figured I'd tell ya'll about it. The cloves and little bit of tobacco gave it such a classy taste and when it burnt the cloves would crackle, which I think gives the joint personality. Well my suggestion to all you blades is to go try this, it tastes so good you will love it!

    P.S. I don't even like tobacco, but a little bit really does make it taste very nice and burn better.

    Oh and if you don't have any cloves in your house I'm sure some of your friends will
  2. Thats cool man, I was wondering what a clove joint would taste like. I will prob try this soon
  3. For sure dude. I rolled a clove spliff not long ago. It was great.
  4. would you necessarily always use whole cloves or would ground cloves work the same you think?
  5. I'm sure ground up clove would work better probably to get a more even distribution.
    But uh...is it legit to smoke cloves? Nothing wrong with it?

  6. Nothing besides the fact its a cigarette
  7. Just buy Djarum Blacks and mix in the inards with your weed. And roll a spliff.
  8. well I don't plan on using tobacco, but I assume it's just as safe as weed to smoke. Maybe I'll try this some time for something different or to tell my friends I got some tasty, tasty ganj.
  9. sounds cool
  10. never tried it, not to mention i dont even know what cloves are. lol
    i dont have a spice rack to include such an ingredient. i dont cook often. but i bake! ;)
  11. what is a clove? garlic???
  12. cloves are a type of herb used to season food. Often you would use them while baking a ham or something like that. It's a very fresh tasting herb.
  13. Djarum Blacks are all I would smoke for the longest time. They're still my favorite, but I also smoke Bali Hai's a lot ;D Cloves are TEH BEST.

    I actually made a spiked cig with a bali hai the other night.. it was tastey!

    If cigs were were food regular cigs would be a burger and cloves would be the cheescake or death by chocolate.

    So that being said, I can never smoke just regular cigs. Cloves are the ones for me! <33:cool:
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    I broke up some bud, crushed the tops of a dozen or so cloves into the mix, then my friend rolled it into a blunt. I expected the clove to have a numbing effect and it did. We all noticed that the smoke was less harsh and cough-inducing. The cloves also imparted an interesting flavor, and we all agreed that there was something altered about our highs.

    And by the way, I read what was on that link posted my Markimus Prime. I'm sure that smoking cloves holds added danger or harm to one's respiratory health, but it says "in a volatilized form such as smoke... [the eugenol contained in cloves] is 2500 times more toxic than when eaten as the spice, cloves, in food." I gotta ask, how the hell do they come up with a number like that, and what does it even mean? How toxic is eating cloves anyways? $25 is 2500 times more money than 1 cent, but it's still a pretty insignificant amount of money compared to life's expenses... just an analogy; not supposed to have anything to do with health.
  15. dude thank you SO much..

    wow thats fuckin crazy i was just about to roll a fat ass spliff

    damn every one needs to read that ^^^
  16. To be honest, I really dislike Clove Cigarettes. I've tried them many times before, and each time I really don't enjoy the taste. Cigars are too much better.
  17. Advantages:
    1. Burns slower since the cloves contain moisture, hence saves the weed.
    2. Tastes great!
    3. Cough free smoke! the chemicals in cloves are used as topical oral anesthetics. This means they numb your throat reducing gag reflexes and allowing you to smoke more.
    4. High from the weed,high from the cloves, still hides the ugly tobacco.

    I find this form of cigarette the most efficient and enjoyable way of smoking weed in a cigarette.

  18. i've done that with just dank herb and djarum black clove and bacco mix i dont put much baccy in and i throw in some cloves and its fun to do a cracking popping joint is cool dude:smoking:

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