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Clove Joint-Is this good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MeAndMaryJane, May 3, 2011.

  1. I have some Cloves:

    Can I roll some of these up so it gives extra flavor to the weed?
    And how should i roll it up?
  2. times like this call for a good facepalm

  3. Cloves actually have a numbing effect and are awesome. I used to smoke djarum blacks. CLOVE cigarettes.
  4. dont like the taste of cloves
  5. I think it's a cool idea. Clove smoke tastes awesome. You might want to break them up first. Let me know how it goes.
  6. okay so i shud break them up and mix with some weed? also i heard someone say something about a numing effect, that sounds awesome!

  7. Yeah man check out that erowid link I posted
  8. Personally, I hate the taste of cloves.

    But yes, just throw a few clove stems in with your weed before you grind it and just grind them up together.
  9. Is that really whats in clove cigarettes? I remember when I was younger I loved the smell of the clove cigarettes my grandfather used to smoke. I bought a pack when I turned 18 and almost puked when I smoked one lol
  10. I think the facepalming guy was thinking of all the kids that are like "LOL CAN I SMOKE TEA LEAVES WILL IT GET ME HIGH". Cloves are the most popular type of smoking... stuff... in Asia. Smoking material? I don't know what to call it. XD
  11. Yup. Cloves are cloves.

    They have clove shisha too. You can cook with it, smoke it, all kinds of stuff.
  12. Is this a joke or for real?!
  13. Interesting! That actually sounds really good, sprinkle some of that on roasted chicken? Mmmmmmmmm

  14. Why would this be a joke?

    You can smoke cloves.
  15. never occurred to me I could smoke the cloves in my kitchen with my weed :smoke:

    Thanks for future idea OP
  16. what about just str8 cloves ground up to make a j, not too concerned about gettin high from it personally, but i like to smoke sometimes just to watch the smoke milk my bong, attempt some o's whatever, but are there any health risks with smoking cloves exceeding those of mj?
  17. I never knew you can smoke cloves, thanks for the info.
  18. Cloves are terrible for your lungs and can cause lung causer a lotttt faster than cigarettes. I've had a few djarums and hated them. They were way way too smooth and I could barely feel anything. The taste they leave on your lips is awesome though.

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