Clove Cigarettes

Discussion in 'General' started by budlover1234, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Has anyone ever rolled there own clove cigs?
    And who out there is a fan of djarum?

  2. no...
    and blacks ftmfw!!!!:hello:
  3. i wish i could find the pack i lost:(
  4. i do not like clove cigs, ew.
  5. clove cigs are okay.

    but my new favorite cigs are camel frosts....
    they are delicious :]
  6. yea blacks for sure.
  7. I would have to agree! Give me a good ole cowboy killer;).
  8. djarums are more of a novelty to me

    blacks aren't as good as the bali hai though, those as bomb as fuck
  9. I know there Illegal in Utah but can I get them here in CALI????
  10. why would they be illegal?

    and yea im sure there legal in CA
  11. because utah has a huge religious influence over it...

    do they still sell beer that only has half the amount of alc in normal beer?? :confused:
  12. 3.2% legal limit in beer. Alcohol is bought in government run stores.. Called liquor stores of course... but kinda weird closed holidays and sundays.... Now its not the religion that has run on clove cigs it is the content of the known to be dangerous substance... Was just wondering where it is and isn't sold and what are some of these other names your usin...??? I loved to get my hands on cloves in utah whenever i could but know in cali I havent seen them???? What are the types and alternatives??
  13. Yeah there was some guy in Utah who had a personalized license plate "merlot" and they made him change his license plate because of the wine reference :eek:.

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