Cloudy trichs?

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  1. Not the best of pictures I know but would you all say that the majority of these trichs where cloudy? I personally can't see any clear or amber

    Day 93 of og kush autoflower which is meant to be done at 64 days



    Was going to start a 7-10 day flush
    Not sure if to leave for a few more days thou

    Anyone to chime in

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  2. They look mostly clear to me. If that's a sugar leaf then you need to be looking at the trichs on the actual bud. I'm of the understanding that the larger (but still small) sugar leaves around the bud age faster.
  3. Looks like you'll have a delicious harvest though, nice job.
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  4. Thanks for the props bro I'm looking forward to harvesting a little too impatient tbh

    That snap was from a sugar leaf from a main bud don't wanna hack into the actual bud feel bad haha

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  5. Ya, I think you'll be happy you wait until you honestly think it's ready. Order yourself one of these things...

    Here are some pics from my last harvest (was before harvest) using one of these clip on lens things. So much better than the mini microscopes where you have to have your eye down there.

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  6. You don't need to hack into the bud, just put your cell phone with the clip on lens up there and snap a bunch of pics then browse through them while having a beer or a bowl. Zoom in and all that.
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  7. Liking the look of that might have to invest nice one can never be steady enough while on the plant with just phone
    How long before harvest was it

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