Cloudy trichomes... not amber... can I harvest today?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by DaKushaholic, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. White widow x bubba kush bagseed grow
    Genetics don't seem great as it didn't grow very large
    Had some lighting issues mid flower.
    150 watt bulb went out
    Now I have it under 2 55w t5bulbs and 6-23w cfl's
    Soil and used ff grow big in vegg
    Vegged for 4weeks and this was my smallest female so I threw it in flower to experiment. Already have 1000w hps waiting for the next grow
    Did not use any nutes during flower
    Did I mention this is my first solo grow indoors (hence the experiment)
    So I'm ready to start the next in flower with the 1000w but no more space with this current setup
    This plant won't yeild much and don't wanna waste any more time this is week 7-8 in flower I'm ready to chop this bitch!
    Read that milky trichomes means an energetic heady high similar to sativa which I like. And since next batch is all og kushes I will wait for amber on those so they really kick ass! But for now my question is should I really wait?? I'm ok with this yield wasn't expecting much to begin with. Do u think yield will increase much more

    Thought about using molasses but read some bad news about results
    My goal is quality over quantity what yall think

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    you heard bad things about molasses and no reference...
    I use it for organic grows and nothing else, from seedling/rooted-clone to harvest day. Always does great.
    do you have a soilless mix?
    oh..yes, if ww then just wait for a mostly cloudy canopy of trics...amber on ww is a bit of a long wait in my experience
  3. Lookin like you're in the window. I personally chop when they r all cloudy and u know what after a two month cure they turn amber.

    Pure thc is clear the amber coler one sees is the thc breaking down into cbds.

    Just like u said. Milky more uppity. Amber more couchlocky.

    Congrats on your success of your first indoor harvest.

    You've grown outside? Do u have a dry cure technique down?

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  4. Fasho! Good to hear I'm bout done!
    Just a couple threads I read about molasses
    On GC and since I didn't look into it early I'm just gonna wait for when the next batch go to flower
    Imho molasses still sounds like a good idea but this grow is done I've had it in the dark for almost 3days and don't want to f uck up puttin it back under lights.
  5. Thanks! I just helped a friend growing outside back when I lived up in norcal. Dont have a dry cure technique. I'm somewhat of a newbie but got off to a decent start.
    Right now still tryna decide which way ill dry these maybe just hang em in a closet... ideas??

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  6. I like the organic for the taste..and the soil can grow just fine with ro water alone...but need to let it cook with some fresh biomass and worms for a few months between grows if I don't use molasses...sooo...   :smoking: 
  7. lots of curing threads/stickies you should check  into.
  8. I have been getting better results just chopping and hanging the plant whole then do a dry trim then straight in the mason jars.

    Everybody is different and with different climates you will have to find what works for u. The dry cure can effect quality in a big way.

    Like cball sais just keep reading.

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