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  1. I have a glass on glass tube with a precooler and shower head diffuser. Been cleaning with ISO and salt and all the reclaim is out but the glass is stained with water stains and the glass is cloudy. How do I fix this without any commercial products?
  2. Pour Simple Green into pieces and leave for 24 hrs, rinse with hot water.

    -edit- didn't see the no commercial products part, not sure why but simple green is non toxic and biodegradable so it's safe to use if that's what you're worried about.
  3. Oxiclean. Seriously. For the next time you need to clean.

    Alcohol and salt is a pain in the ass because of all the shaking. With oxiclean all you do is add a scoop or two into the bottom of your bong, plug everything up, fill with hot water and walk away for a few hours. Then just rinse well.

    Much safer, much more cost effective, and does a much better job than alcohol and salt. It's the way I've been cleaning glass for 10 years now.
  4. Serious. Vinegar.

    My dad used to own a leather shop in a tourist harbour with massive windows, wash with water first, then vinegar (can be diluted slightly) and used newpaper to dry it. Dude wasn't lying.

    They have lots of tips over there, like washing alloys with petrol or leather with a milk base etc
  5. /\ he's right man vinegar does the trick!! There salt stains and the vinegar removes it!
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    I think what youre describing is something different than salt or hard water stains. I have experienced the same thing with my travel rig. After cleaning with iso, the first rinse of water turns cloudy white from the iso in the piece. That cloudy mix of water and iso seemed to leaved a cloudy film over my rig. I think its iso + thc from the reclaim. Ive found that using really hot water to loosen the claim before soaking/shaking makes it much easier to come off with iso and as a result the film doesnt show up. But if you keep getting the cloudy coating try hot water and an iso rinse again.(Id suggest using hot water from the sink to warm the glass. then use really hot water from stove or microwave, but not boiling, to loosen it. just to be safe w/ your glass)
  7. Thx for all the suggestions. Ill try it all haha

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