Cloudy Days

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  1. I am in a great growing situation. I live alone on the top floor of a house and am home most days. I grow indoors and simply move my plants from room to room to capture the big yellow (there IS no substitute). I use florescents in a small grow room overnight (during vegetation) and when I have company over. I'm getting fantastic results with this (it's all the sun, I'm tellin' ya). My question is about cloudy days... Does anyone know out there if the plants are getting better light jiggies under the cloud light or under the florescents?
  2. All that moving them around must get tiring,,,but yeah..there is not any intensity in clouds,,but there is in the flouros,,,so if you must ,,put them under the flouros when cloudy...closely..

    Think about a lighting upgrade,,for better plant's..HPS or MH is the way to grow...

  3. Awesome! Such a quick answer! I know what you're thinkin' about lights. When I first started growing indoors (almost 20 years ago) I read everything I could and jumped right into the investment. After about 12 years, of great results my heart took me to a relationship Canada where I could only grow outdoors in the summer. I, of course, thought I was going forever and sold my lighting equiptment to help finance the move. I had equally great results outdoors with only the frustration of not being able to control the light cycle. Almost all Canadian indoor growers I talked to took very elaborate means to utilize the sun as much as possible, even with the most heavy duty indoor lighting equiptment sitting a few feet away waiting to fill in for when the sun is not being co- operative.
    When I moved back to the states I was broke and could only afford the florescents (which I also use to start my vegetable garden seedlings) but had plenty of sun so decided to experiment. All the growers I talk to down here can't believe I'm growing what I'm growing using Florescents as my indoor source. And, frankly, neither can I. I am located in the south so the sun is more intense here, I think... and it is the only ingredient I'm using in this scenerio that would hold this kind of power.
    Being naturally curious, I like experimenting with (often) unconventional ideas which has led to me reading DAILY to my plants, finding they like humorous literature most (thriving on it) which I later attributed to the fact that because I read this type of stuff with more force (and often chuckle through out) I send out more CO2 into the confined area I do this in then when I'm reading works more somber. Sounds primative and crazy but it works... and it works better than I ever would have imagined... I do this during the florescent times to give them a little treat because they aren't under the sun.
    Don't ask me, I can't tell ya... but I'm kicked back and smokin', man.
    And as far as the movement... I've got a system. I can moved everything to the next sunspot (or out of sight in the case of unexpected guests) in less than 30 seconds.
    Thanks for the quick reply on the clouds! It's not cloudy here often enough for me to be able to tell how it's affecting things.

  4. that really works
  5. Speaking of unconventional... For those of you who feel a deeper connection with your plants then them just being reefer manufacturers, may I suggest a really wild book called, THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. It was written a WHILE ago and I can't recall the authors (I'm fairly certain there are two of them) as, sadly, I don't own a copy of this amazing book. You may have a hard time finding it through a bookstore but there's a good chance your public library will have it.
    Groovius MAXIMUS, I'm tellin ya!
  6. My plants like to be put by a perks them.up sometimes. I find clones like the cloudy days more than direct sunlight.
  7. You have never visited Scotland have you? My 250 hid is much stronger than the sunlight we get

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