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  1. So last friday, I was thizzing off 2 pills and decided to lay and stare at some clouds for a bit. They looked cool, but then I seen a very distinct face with sharp teeth and a bizzar face. So when I seen it, i thought something to myself, and now that im completely sober, im still considering it as possible. (i usually give up on thoughts while im thizzing just because of how stupid they can be).

    But anyways, everyone has there own idea of what happens when you die, me personally I believe you die, and if you accepted Jesus as your savior you will go to heaven... otherwise, you go to hell...

    Also in many horror movies, spirits end up staying on earth and haunting it.
    (A Haunting In Connecticut, The Unborn etc...)

    Well if spirits really could stay on Earth, no one says they are here to harass us living humans, but what if they can still make themselves visible? (on purpose or accident)

    I was thinking, what if every clear and visible face in a cloud was a snapshot of a spirit as it went by. Its no longer there and possible thousands of miles away but the cloud image still lingers.

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