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  1. I just reckoned this bright cloud looked kinda cool.
    IRL, massive contrast between the darker and brighter clouds. The brighter cloud was insanely bright, looked pretty neat.

  2. Y'all better recognize... Those are just clouds from Colorado, smoke clouds that is.
  3. Clouds are weird as fuck lol
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    mighty fine Cumulus you got there
  5. Fluffy cloud, makes me want to take a bite out of it, looks like ice cream lol.
  6. [​IMG]

    Slightly more exciting picture.. Solar eclipse.
  7. watching the clouds drift in the wind is so relaxing with a nice high
  8. Nice pictures! Wish I had some of those nice ones around here to take pics of with my camera.
  9. don't you just want to belly flop into it? I sure do
  10. some nice pics I had on my computer. edited on my computer too. me and my bro was out chilling and decided to snap some pics....i think it was like last may

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  11. ^ Those are some cool clouds, man.

  12. Thanks bro
  13. Took this pic when I was on an airplane! So cool

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  14. Love how I caught the sun shining through the clouds in this one :)
  15. Fuckin clouds maan...
  16. Santa Clarita, CA :smoke:

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  17. Quite a nice photo, especially just for an out-the-car-window one. Looks mean

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