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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Jayman90, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Just when I thought the future of Cannabis Culture was looking bright, the fucking government slaps a wet fish in our face :mad:
    Today ministers in the UK ignored their advisors and placed Cannabis back in the Class B category, after being moved down from class B to Class C in 2004. Now possession, after a warning, may lead to an £80 fine or even 5 years in prison.

    What the hell is going on...?
    As of today I have lost what little faith I had in our government. They are spineless, greedy, ignorant pigs, most of them. The good ones with any common sense are shouted down and daemonised.

    So just to recap
    Class A drugs - Considered most likely to cause harm eg. cocaine, heroin etc.
    Class B drugs - Considered not as harmful as Class A, but still "lethal" eg. Amphetamines, Meths, and now Cannabis :confused:
    Class C drugs - Considered least harmful, but still illicit eg. Tranquilizers, Ketamine, [Cannabis used to be here]

    There is clear objection to this and even ministers are pointing out the complete lack of logic in this move, but what are we to do?

    Well I know what I'm gonna do: have a joint :smoke:
  2. How is cannabis lethal it doesn't even fit their definition of CLASS B just like it doesn't meet the definition of our american classification of SCHEDUEL 1.. with NO ACCEPTED medicinal VALUE. Morons.
  3. I agree complete morons, that was why it was moved down to C in 2004 because they realised how illogical it was :confused:
    I really hope this will sort itself out. Maybe with some help and persuasion from President Obama...
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    Heard this on the radio today, didn't think they were actualy gonna do it before. Fucking ridiculous, no logic in this decision whatsoever. Can't believe we're stuck with this shit while the US is just coming round to some decriminalization and MMJ laws :(

    edit: Smoked a big spliff in public today to celebrate :D
  5. tis a sad day on earth. i guess we're all going to have to live in fear of prosecution just for smoking a damn joint.

    Fuck politicians.

    Also dont expect anything from Obama ,either.
  6. Cannabis, a plant with no bad side effects what so ever. Doesn't make you sick, even if you smoke it. Isn't toxic. Doesn't intoxicate you like alchohol; we're not built for alchohol, but we're built for cannabis.

    Just the fact that it is a substance that we are adapted to ingest seems sufficient evidence that it isn't harmful at all.

    I mean we don't have coke-receptors in our brains ? Meh
  7. maybe cannabis is the only reason most law enforcement officers are employed, if it was legalized they'd have to start catching real criminals. :mad:
  8. Yay for the British government eh? How much more retarded can this country get? Nevermind, guess I'll hold a quite protest by sparking a joint and calling my dealer to make an order so he can use the money to buy new guns or something?
  9. Actually we do, thats why the drug works and does what it does...

  10. I thought it just affected dopamine or something of that sort? While we actually have cannibinoid receptors??
  11. Yes exactly my point.
  12. We also have a natural endocannabinoid system that regulates alot of things in our body.
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    While it is true that humans have evolved a set of unique receptor sites in the brain meant specifically for cannabinoids and related chemicals, it wouldn't really be accurate to tout that as proof that marijuana is specifically meant for human ingestion moreso than other chemicals that affect our brains.

    While it's true that yes, cocaine does affect dopamine reuptake; it is essentially (actually, not at all) not any different than how any other psychoactive chemical works in the human brain. All psychoactive chemicals "work" in humans because they're specifically and potently active at certain points our brains have evolved for various survival/pleasure mechanisms over hundreds of millions of years. One could even go so far as to claim that if a chemical has psychoactive effects, humans were "meant" to ingest it. And I do believe that to an extent; it's no evolutionary coincidence that certain chemicals affect/alter the way our brain responds to certain and specific cues.

    If I sound like I'm telling you something you already know, I apologize in advance. I'm tripping balls right now, so the world and conversation just seems really deep and introspective :smoking:
  14. Haha i can tell: you are speaking of our species as if you were an alien :D

    "While it is true that humans have evolved...."

    But i agree.
  15. Makes me sick.

    I was split on whether to spark a blunt or a bowl, but after this bullshit Im just gonna have a blunt in the quiet,think about how fucked up this shit is getting.:smoke:

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