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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any experience programming the cloud line t6? Specifically, I'm wondering If within the high temp auto mode, can i disable the option of the fan speed hitting 0?

    Right now the auto high temp is set at 75. Manual speed setting is at 8 (The manual setting dictates the fastest fan speed reached while it is in auto mode).

    When 75 is hit, the fan speed will slowly climb up to 8 unless the sensor hits 74. The issue is when the temperature hits 74 and the fan speed starts dialing back down to 0. Everytime it hits zero for a minute before climbing again, the fragrance is very noticeable (and enjoyable), except for the fact that I live in an apartment. :)

    Other than using the manual setting, is there any way to program in order to maintain a minimum fan speed of 1?

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  2. Set your low temp to 74°
  3. Thanks for the reply Joshua. I tried this and it just maintained the fan speed setting of 8 (same functionality as if it was set to run manually at 8).

    Basically I have a grow tent in a room with a air conditioner. When the lights are on, The fan speed will increase when it hits 75, and as the fan increases speed upward 5, 6, 7,8, sometimes it will hit 77 or 78 on the temperature (It would be much better if the climb was faster and or it jumped by two or something, the temperature fluctuations are huge). As soon as it hits towards eight, it will stabilize and then slowly start dropping.

    Once it hits 74, the fan speed will again starts slowly dropping. Do to the slow decline, the temperature will get to 73, 72, sometimes 71 by the time the fan speed hits zero.

    While it's at zero awaiting the temperature to hit 75 again, 1. The temperature will start rising really fast, and 2. The room in my apartment stinks really bad until the fan kicks on.
    the biggest issue with this is that my tent is constantly fluctuating from around 71 to 72, all the way up to 78. And it does this constantly every couple of minutes.

    It's like the fan slows down too slow (and climbs too slow), in combination with a sensor that has a little delay. If I manually stop the decline in fan speeds when it hits speed 3, and set to maintain 3, the temp starts rising. I've tested this considerably, and if I could have the high speed max out at 8, and during the fan speed reduction when it hits temperature 74, if I could have the reduction stop at fan speed 3, it remains between 74 and 76. A much better result than 72 to 78. When my manual fan speed is set to 10, it ranges from 70 to 80 due to the length of time for the fan speed to change as well as the delay in the sensor. My only solution has been to have the manual setting down to six, but then sometimes it doesn't cool off enough.... Idk
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  4. What are you using
    What light are you using
  5. A 270w full spectrum LED in a 3x2 tent
  6. With LEDs we can run higher temps I'm actually running 81°-84° as high temperatures , I'm doing this on purpose.
    Idk if upping your temps will create a possible solution or not, but it's one more variable you can throw at it
  7. Yeah I don't know. I'll call them.. But for some odd reason, I think you are their support person? Your name seems familiar
  8. Not me bro I'm just a satisfied customer.
    I have the same fan
  9. Gotcha.
  10. Late to the party...but assume you got this resolved? I would've suggested setting the max fan speed on your T6 to something like 3 or 4. This way that fan will have to run longer to keep your temps level...but it won't fluctuate so quickly this way either. I'm doing it fine on just 3, sometimes a 4 if day is warm, with a 2x4 and 300w led.
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