Cloud Vape Pen on the way to my front doorstep. First Time Vaper, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ash Trayz, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Sup, just recently ordered that Cloud Vape Pen or whatever you call them. It's going to my first ever vape device, dry herb. I have had ejuice vapes before, never used it though.

    So yeah my first vape for dry herb, anyone that has it has any advice and thoughts on it? I heard it conserves weed and requires less weed than other ways of smoking so that's one main reason I got it.

    Anyway's let me know, I look forward to using this :)
  2. Many first time vape users make the common mistake of taking many big hits because they aren't getting big clouds like when they consume by combustion. This results in too strong of a high, which turns them off to vaping. My recommendation to all new vape users is to start with just one puff in order to understand the strength and quality. Wait 15 minutes before taking that second puff. I still do this when trying new strains. I also try to always use a slow, long, and consistent draw always. I'm surprised at how strong just a single puff can actually be. This has also decreased my overall consumption.

    My second recommendation is to get a good grinder. I prefer an aluminum grinder that is anodized in the inside because the dried flower doesn't stick to the blades.

    Enjoy your new vaporizer.
  3. Lol, I did exactly what you said. But I already learned how to manuver, control, and understand how to pull bigger clouds etc. Atleast know a little bit.

    So far I have been mainly vaping on RED, which on a Phantom would be the highest temp.

    I find the highest temp to get me the most highest tbh, also. It's the only temp that causes like an irritation / burn inside my throat. Unless I get that feeling when I take a hit when I smoke weed, I won't get high.

    I didn't get super stoned either when I used the vape first time, I did take big a hit. Maybe it was the weed, or just my tolerance.

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