Cloud Atlas! Prepare to be unprepared-

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    Hey everyone- Just thought i'd shine a flashlight on this gem

    LOVED the book- the story is a very interesting concept

    Ill start with this

    [ame=]Airsoft GI - Left 4 Dead Fan Film - YouTube[/ame]

    Anyone seen this? The whole point of the vid- is that what we experience/achieve ADDS to WHO WE ARE as people. (if you merc MW3- you BRING that gunplay WITH you when you play resident evil!)

    More-so > what you experience and become enlightened towards in LIFE (from books- religion- tv- friends- experiences- stories) add to WHO you are.

    The kid that watched braveheart- and allows that to INSPIRE him to victory in soccer is CONNECTED to braveheart (even though a movie isn't real).

    If a depressed women watches that same kid- find it within himself to score that winning goal in soccer- and that inspires her to greatness SHE is connected to them as well.

    We live in a world where the butterfly affect CREATES- who we are. Nothing is new- nothing is original- its all part and parcel to the flow of life- and information.

    Finally- Just because something isn't REAL- does not mean it cannot be responsible for INSPIRING REALITY.

    You're struggle in life is not your own- Its a struggle for those that NEED to witness your life succeed- in order to be inspired to fulfill their own reality.

    If you read all that- then with no further adieu -
    [ame=]Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD - YouTube[/ame]

    "Our lives- our NOT our own. We are bound to others- past AND present. And by each crime... and every kindness > We Birth Our Future."

    We are all connected- even time cannot separate.

  2. Let me know what you blades think
  3. i tripped balls when master chief came on the first vid lol, and as for the second video...well i wouldnt mind watching that movie.
  4. that movie looks craaaaazy
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    Wow I cannot wait for Cloud Atlas, I'm gonna have to read the book first so the movie doesn't ruin the magic.

    Holy fuck just looked at the book on amazon and I am going to leave a hour or so early for work just to swing by barnes and nobles and pick it up.

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