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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by visko, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. yep thats right i covered a portion of my closet and wrappeed round with aluminium foil.
    i already have a 300 watt halogen light ,i already have two plants the size of10-15 cm.
    anyway a great way to germinate your seeds is to put em ina plastic bag filled with soil and just leave them for acouple of days.
    i am using miracle gro and its going great.
    eventhough i amnot sure about my light system,what would u suggest?
    i think its getting a bit hot ,i do open the closet door for ventilation but also leave it closed for co2 accumulation,ok thats all folks...
  2. hps for flower fluros for veg
  3. i dont realy exactly know what is and how the hps light looks like
  4. ya have HIDS which are either medal halide or high presure sodium the mh has more of the blue spectrum which the veg stage loves and hps has more of the yellows and reds which the flowering cycle love just get a few 4 foot flurescent tubes at home depot use the ones marked daylight or coolwhite they have a lot of the blue spectrum i think its like 27% those will keep them going until you can get your hids mh start at about $150 400watt and hps start at about $200 400watt but in a closet your gonna have to go with smaller ones so it will be cheaper
  5. oh yea if money is tight go with the high presure sodium
  6. I'd say just go straight HPS the whole far as i've seen it works the same if not better. Also saves muchos money on an entire new light.
  7. ditto.....go straight for the hps if you can afford it! it will do you from veg till harvest....what's the size of the growspace your planning on using?.....Peace out.....Sid
  8. halogen lights are a complete waste of money!!!! they are not useful and are way inneficient. you bill is gonna go through the roof!!!! also they put off way too much heat... 300 watts of mh or hps will grow your plant ten times bigger for the same amount of electricity!!!!

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