Closet to jars, back to closet?

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  1. Hung my buds to dry (harvested sat).
    Buds were premature so they dried up pretty quick, or atleast i thought.

    Put the buds in jars yesterday, checked this morning...

    The buds are def starting to look alot nicer than they were, its 95 % of the buds are moist again.

    Should i take them out of the jars and dry them for another day? :)

    I know this has been answered before, chlorophyll, when does that smell go away?

    thanks everyone
  2. i would lay them out on a screen or table for an hour or so and maybe rotate them during that period. then put them back into jars. check them tomorrow, maybe lay them out again for a shorter time, back into the jars. eventually, youll just open the jar for a few minutes here and there. it all depends how moist they are. this is where you learn whats best for you and your bud.

    about the chlorophyll smell, itll take a few weeks to dissipate or it may not. but another way to ensure less of that crappy smell is to not harvest too early. longer wait, more smelly terpenes, less grassy smell.

    you want as slow a drying as possible without the possibility of birthing mold. theres a fine line. good luck.
  3. So will the bud will still get dry in the jars, just slower?
  4. what the jars help do is pull the moisture from the inside of the bud to the outside. when exposed to the air is when the bud is actually drying. this is probably the most important step.

    you should concentrate on checking the buds and opening the jars for about 2-3 weeks. towards the end of this period you may only want to check the jar every other day or so. eventually just opening the jar to grab a piece of bud will be enough to replace the air.

    this will be a learned process. dont expect to get it right the first time. this is what i think is (was) the hardest part of the whole growing process and once you figure this out, all should be good.

    hope this helps.

  5. I emptied out the jars, placed the bud back in a dark closet. Should i put them back in jars within the hour?
  6. yeah definitely if there isnt any wet on them
  7. yeah put them back within the hour. youll probably feel a slight "crispiness" but thats fine. repeat this step while reducing the time you leave them out. if you happen to open the jars and your buds are dry feeling, dont leave them out. this is when youll wait another day or two to leave them out or just open the lid to the air them out. as the days go on, youll want your buds to see more jar and less air.

    this is what works for me and hopefully some of this can help you in some way. youll learn or try other methods that will work fine as well.

    just remember, pay close attention to those buds for at least 2-3 weeks.
  8. Heres what I ended up doing..

    1. Picked ganja.
    2. Hung for 5 days. (nice and dry outside, moist inside)
    3. Put it jar's for about 20 hours.
    4. Took out of jars (moist but not as much..bud looks much better)
    5. Currently in brown paper bags.

    Planning on leaving bud in bags for about 30 hours. Then back to jars. Burp. Etc.

    - took some of the popcorn nugs of my bud, well dried out.. rolled a nice j with them.
    Strong sativa, while the rest of my body feels clean Can't wait for a few weeks cure.
  9. Looking for advice on the next two weeks.
  10. I'd leave it in there for more than 30 hours. Make sure they'e completely dry before you put them in jars, just so you don't get any mold. Maybe like three more days.

    And, opening all of the jars everyday in a dry room for about 5 minutes will help cure them. After a while you can do it less and less. Curing will take up to 30-40 days for all the harsh chorophyll to break down.
  11. Thank you drifting.

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