Closet - Think it's big enough for 12 plants?

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  1. It measures 6'X7', 7' high. The irregular wall measures about 2'X4'.

    It needs to hold a mother, cloning, vegging, and flowering chamber, with about 3 plants in each. I figure the mother and cloning chambers could be stacked, so that'll help a little with space.

    So I ask, do you think this space will be big enough?

    I included a drawing in case it might help.

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  2. I think that seems pretty reasonable. I would put mother and veg together and clones and then use as much space as you can for flowering.
  3. Yeah, thinking about it, I can't see why the mothers and clones can't share space with the plants in the veg chamber. That'd help a lot.
  4. You can always have

    1) mothers

    2) clones / veg

    3) flowering

    You can very easily clone in your veg space then set them into veg. Depends on method somewhat though.
  5. Couldn't the mother hang out in the veg chamber too? I was under the assumption the mother is just kept in veg state anyways.

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