Closet Tent Heat Problems!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ThomasSquared, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey Grass City!

    So I have recently set up my tent and 400 watt HPS in it and have been running some temp tests.

    I have a 424 CFM 6" inline fan that is venting from the top of my tent into my attic. I know the fan is hooked up properly and venting properly because its creating a negative pressure in my tent (tent shows a little flexing inward).

    It also creates a negative pressure in my closet because the curtain that is hanging over my closet door opening is being sucked inward a little bit.

    Temperatures are sitting just around 90 - 92.

    Keep in mind that im using a pretty cheap open air reflector so my 400 watt bulb is open to all the air in my tent.

    Ive been thinking about going for an enclosed hood or maybe even a cool tube.

    does anybody have any ideas that i can try out?

    Thanks a bunch blades
  2. See, I would assume this was the issue too but then again I have seen a good amount of people without the inline hood. Maybe if your fan is maxed out you have too much negatize pressure. Try downthrottling it if you can.
  3. hey i had the same problems with my grow when i frist got the tent and set up.
    normaly you would think more power aka air would cool it faster. with a open light hood.

    but normaly if you have a 4 6 8 10 12 inch or what ever size you normaly want alot of intake cfm and like the post above lower your vent fan and max out your intake see if the bowing in the tent gos away should lower temps

    but i would advise a cooled hood set up. for all tents summer time can be a bitch

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