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    I'm currently working on my first grow project, trying to figure out a grow space, find out the right strains to choose from, which is the most efficient and secure medium for me and the costs.

    I'm coming to you today for help, Grasscity Cultivators :)



    These pictures are from an empty closet that I have and the dimensions are somewhere around (just barely) 33"x38"x7'. The closet has a metal bar that goes across the top in the middle of the closet as well as hangers scattered about. There is also a normal sized window about two feet left of the entrance, but you cannot see the closet at all from the window.

    What I'm asking is what would you guys recommend in terms of style for this setup? Should I purchase a small tent/make my own makeshift grow box? Or would it be better off just turning the entire closet into a grow space. What would be the best use of the metal bar/hooks and could I use those to safe myself money? In this setup would CFLs or LEDs work better?

    Also as a side note, directly connected to my closet (the door to it is literally in the closet) is an attic that is actually pretty big. Haven't been up in long enough to forget what it looks like up there, frankly just because it's pretty fuckin gross up there.

  2. Updated, dimensions are 33"x38"x7'

    Don't know why they're so weird :blush:
  3. Exit fan, Interior fan and a light on a timer with another timer controlling water pump once a day. reservoir below and "pickle buckets" with rockwool slabs, PH meter and PH up & down. Plant food and good to go. LED light for $85 from Amazon.
    Start. I repeat , START! You can fine tune the rest of your life but ya gotta start to see what adjustments work for you.
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  4. Unlike TJ. I'd go soil

    6x autoflowers to a shelf

    some mid priced led above each shelf

    venting and timers as above

    for a 60 day run

    would make a small but highly productive factory

    good luck
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  5. I am a total beginner but my space was similar to yours....I used black bags to line but am waiting on some foil blanket to line walls instead and used a 100w T5 and 600w full spectrum light I have two 3 inch usb fans in there and a carbon filter on the way..
    She veged for 9 weeks (7 under just T5 till new light arrived) only a week in flower on the 30th this month (in 2nd pic)....grown in cocoa and perlite mix slow release fertiliser balls....fed A and B steroid spray soil grow... now bloom pk 13/14 steroids and flower grow (not sure where you are but poundland stores have had in grow, bloom, pk boosts, rooting powders and mite sprays.) She has been topped 3 times to keep her small and have been rotating T5 low down do increase side growth (seen in 3rd pic)...LST training has been done too and have seen remarkable advantages to doing it this forum has given me advice every step like I said first plant ever done...she should be alot bigger but was only infer T5 for 7 weeks so she was extremely stunted last pic was 2 weeks are just a few more recent pics





    Good luck bro will keep eye on your progress (by way mines a feminised 00 bubblegum)

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