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  1. I am working with a closet that is 2'x5' and 8' tall, so the biggest sqare area i can start with is 2'x2'. I have ordered a 250watt HPS system, 25' of mylar sheeting, and intend to use 4 1' pots with 2 plants per pot. One oscillating fan to provide circulation, and it is open to the rest of the house during vegitative cycles. With floro's, the average daytime temp. is 78-80. If this increases too much with the HPS, I may add an exhaust system. Anybody see any problems with this? Comments would be appreciated.

  2. This is the only problem I see. Give each plant their own space so that they won't be in competition with eachother to grow roots. Also I would've spent a bit extra for a 400W. The more watts you have, the more buds you'll have in the end.
  3. I Have to Agree 100% with vatoloco on this, give each plant its own pot, the reason being more room for the roots annd also when you sex them if one turns male and you cut the male plant out the roots will rot in the pot with the female, and ohhh boy what a mess youl have, buy a few extra pots and youl do fine. Also about the 400 watt HPS this would be a good thing seeing the 250watt is only 30$$ cheaper spend the extra 30$$ and get the 400watt light and wow will you notice a big differenece if your used to the 250watter.

    Good luck in your ventures, the rest of the grow room sounds great cant wait for updates...

  4. I see the point with getting separate pots, and will make that change. However, I was under the impression that 50watts per square foot is very good, and with a 250watt and 4 square feet, i would be getting over 60watts psf...Would such a small system need 400 watts? I am more than willing to shell out the money for it, it's just the heat and wasted energy I worry about.
  5. Say you stick with those pots in a 2' x 2' area. That's a pot per square foot...and your chances of two of the plants being males are 50/50.

    Use more of the five feet in length you have and get a higher wattage won't regret it. I'd be more worried about wasted time and effort then energy and heat.
  6. Im convinced into a 400 watt HPS system with a hortilux bulb, but need some advice on exhaust/cooling. How can I get this done?
  7. Go to Lowes and buy at least one maybe two bathroom exhaust fans. Try them out in the store and see which one is the quietest and which one moves the most amount of air. Make a choice and then go to the electric department. Buy a standard light switch and an extension cord. Once back home, cut the female end off the extension cord and wire it to the switch, then wire the exhaust fan to the switch. Then when you plug the cordup to any outlet, Voila, you can run your fan.

    Also pick up some flexible aluminum duct, to run the exhaust away. Install you bathrrom fan at the top of the room and you now have an exhaust system for less than $50
  8. how many plants could i do with a space of 3ft wide 6ft high 2ft deep inside of cupboard if you get me with a 400w hps got a dual spec bulb and another duno what it is REPLY FAST

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