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    I am getting a 1st grow set up. It is 2ftx5ftx9ft. I am planning on getting a 600 watt light and air cooled hood. Painting the walls Matte white, have floor water proofed. My question is ventilation. I rent so my plan is I am buying a door then cutting in the bottom a place for a vent cover thinking about 14" by 20"ish and will have filter over it to filter out hair, dust ECT. Then towards the top of door I will cut a 6" hole for at 1st a inline fan to move air through which is 240cfm with room being 90cf is that too much? I will do that through veg then add carbon filter during flower. I will then put 2 more 6" hole somewhere around 4-5' high middle of door for the air cooled hood. I am thinking the hardest part will be opening and closing the door. I will have excess vent tubing in order to be able and close the door. Any suggestions or pics of similar ideas?
  2. Buy a tent rather than a door
  3. This is steakline, I forgot that was linked to an old school email I can not access. I thought about a tent but the point is to have it somewhat hidden. And if it was in closest then still no ventilation. I will be able to take off the modified door and put on the old door if need be. The tent would have to be in room.
  4. If you have a light fixture on the ceiling in the closet, you could pop out that fixture and vent up through the attic. Then you can go right out of the roof of the tent and won't see anything at all.

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