Closet set up (Any suggestions?)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tr1ck_, May 3, 2006.

  1. -250 watt HPS
    -Peat moss + top soil + Perlite Mixture
    -Vented from outdoors
    -Minimal Budget
    -10-15-10 Added to 1 Gallon Spring water.




    ^^ This one seems to be struggling a bit after the transplant but looks to be coming back around.

    I have a few questions if you could help please.

    Watering - How many .ml a day or every other day?
    Height level on light - Should it be moved closer to the plants or is the 250w HPS to much at a close distance.
  2. Are those all planted in the same pot? They need to have separat home for when they grow up.

    That soil looks pretty crappy in photo #2, are those big rocks in there or just perlite? And why is the soil all in clumps?

    That light appears to be 4 ft or more above the plants, could definitely be closer. Try in the 18-24" range, and as the plants get a little more grown up you can close that distance down to 8-10" or whatever is not too hot on the top leaves.

    Don't fertilize yet, wait until about three weeks old and use a fert with a higher first number (nitrogen). Save that fert you've got, though, it's balanced for flower stage.

    No way to give you a number on amount of water, depends on conditions. Water thoroughly, until it starts to come out of the drain holes at the bottom, this will soak the soil through. Then don't water again until the soil is quite dry, this will encourage the roots to stretch out seeking water.
  3. Yes they are planted in the same pot for now. I have another pot just like that and another square 2 1/2 gallon pot to put it in when it grows bigger. As for the rocks, yes its perlite and the clumps was a top soil bag of dirt for $1.96. I decided not to get the miracle grow because of the added chemicals. I didn't know if that was good or bad for the plants... I moved the light down to around 2 feet and we'll see how that does, the only problem is the light puts off alot of heat but the outside air should keep it cool enough. I have a temp gauge in there now and its around 75-80 degrees. I watered each plant with about 100ml of water tonight and will leave it until dry like you said. Thanks for the help.

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