Closet Scrog ... I hope (Take a Look)

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  1. Closet Scrog
    Good afternoon, thanks for taking the time to look at my closet scrog grow. Currently I have started my seeds and grown them about 30 days.

    In the attached PDF files you will find a collection of pictures showing a breaf look at my plants lives. I will continue to update as things change.

    If you have any feed back let me know. I will make my dementions avalible soon.

    Things I need help with:
    Any SCROG help is much appriciated.

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  2. More PDF's

    Anyone want to comment?

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  3. Pictures are low quality samples of the PDF files.

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  4. Plants looking good, what strain u growing?
  5. I have no idea seeds were found in a bag and got me started. If anyone has any idea what it is let me know. The PDF pictures are higher resolution.
  6. Its the weed type ;). Looking good thou just keep them to about half the size you want then flower. When you going to add the screen?
  7. Looking good so far.. You might want to think about topping/FIMing now that you have 4/5 sets of leaves..

  8. Have any guides for topping/FIMing?

    I tried to trim 2 plants and here is some pics.

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  9. Well you went a lil far for a FIM. But you def topped it
  10. def topped it looks good thou :hello: .

    Hurry up and get off work so we can puff
  11. See next post for update

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  12. telien fucking came over and had a bowl with me. He decited that we needed to go chop fu on my plants. As you can see above we removed some layers to let those huge nodes sites get the yummie light.

    I hope they are trimmed correctly we are quite gone :smoke:

    Also growing some cat weed :) Fucking spoiled cat.

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  13. Had to cut some leaves to get the nodes light :)
  14. 4 Weeks Update

    I just ordered a 400watt HPS light and ballast from ($90). When it arives I will remove the CFLs and give them to telien. Telien will then give me a MH conversion bulb for future vegging (get some money bitch). I cant wait to flower!!!!! Soon so soon.

    I added an ionic pro to the room for de smellification during flowering.

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  15. As you can see from the top picture im growing tomatoes ;)

    Week 4 and looking good. Here are some pictures of my largest plant and my two topped plants (first attempt at topping).

    Please comment this is my first grow. I have a 400 watt HPS on the way from ($120US shipped w/ balast,hood,hooks and chains). :hello:

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  16. Plant 2 Topped

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  17. Plants will be so happy to flower under hps :) cant wait to see
  18. plants are looking good, screwed up on the fim and topped but hey no biggy.

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