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closet plant going outdoors in pot

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by superbherb, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. High:smoking:
    Today I decided to make my indoor plant an outdoor one. She's a 12/12 from seed experiment grown on four 125watt CFL's. She is in week two of flowering and it took her about 20-25 days to get her to that point. Does anybody have any advice or experience growing this way? Is what I have done going to force the plant to stop budding? Any thoughts are appreciated. GC has never let me down before. Blaze:bongin:

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  2. it will likely revert back to veg in a few weeks
  3. Damn!... Really? I was hoping that since it's been on a similar light schedule as the sun, that it would stay in bud. Is there any point in leaving it outdoors then? Or would I be better off letting it finish indoors now?
  4. Yeah, you've gotten to remember the days will be getting longer up until June 21- the longest day of the year, so depending on your strain finish time, you'll likely have about 6 more weeks left. That will put you into June. You can either bring it back in or try to manually give it the proper amount of darkness out doors- tarp, bring inside every night, etc.

    If you want you could let it go outdoors and get a little more size to it, maybe pot up, or plant in ground, then harvest come fall. I have heard that flowering plants that revert back to veg will finish quicker come harvest time. Good Luck!
  5. Oh, OK. Well that doesn't sound like I messed things up too bad. I'm actually not sure of the strain name, but It's very Sativa dominant. It was the best mids I ever picked up and I wanted to have something other than dank to smoke on all day. Thanks for all the replies LandoftheFree!:smoking:
  6. It will take about two weeks for the plants to go back to a vegatative state, but I think it would pay off by returning more weight in bud. I actually plan on doing this as well.

  7. SWEET! Good to know somebody else does this:cool: how much do you think an outdoor plant can yield? Just curious
  8. If it is bagseed, probably less than an ounce or two per plant. But if you have quality genetics, you can expect several ounces per plant.
  9. What any plant yields depends on more then just genetics, I've seen bag seed grow some amazing bud before. I'm not sure on how you are planning on planting (pots/ ground), but the bigger the root system- the bigger the plant= the total harvest. So with that being said you could plant in a 2 gallon bucket and harvest a few ounces, or plant in the ground with a proper soil mix and harvest a lb+
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    Any genetics you'd recommend for next season's grow?:D +rep

    LOTF, I'm thinking of putting it into at least a 5 gal pot/bucket. Now it's only in a 3 gal. I obviously want to maximize yield. If I did plant in the ground(no pots) I take it is better to make a hole and fill it with the FFOF instead of using just straight up dirt where I dig? +rep
  11. Hey I went ahead and started a journal in the "outdoor grow journal" section. Do you guys want to follow? thanks for all the help:smoking:
  12. If you choose to plant in the ground, then i'd recommend 3x3x3 or 2x2x2 holes. If you use 3x3x3 you will be growing a bush/ tree. If you don't know the sex of your plant then that may be a little to much work to find out you have been growing a male. If you know the sex then it would be no problem. FFOF will work fine, but to fill a hole that size will cost $$$$! You'd be better off making your own soil mix, saving money in turn and building a better product then the FFOF. If your interested in building your own soil mix, then check out the organic forum and search soil mix, you'll find a wealth of info there! A 5 gallon bucket/ pot will work great, just keep in mind during mid-summer on those super hot days you may have to water daily- buckets dry out faster then in ground. I'll be stopping by your journal- Good Luck!
  13. Try this one next if you have a QUALITY, hidden like osama bin-laden spot:
  14. AHHHHH i see! I think even though it's expensive I'll end up sticking with FFOF. Those soil recipes look awesome too. I just wonder If the plant will get pissy going from one food to another... maybe I'm just being too sensitive? Also should I put gravel in the bottom of the bucket if I do indeed switch to that?:smoking:

    Holy Fuck!:eek: PPP looks incredible! I'll definitely add that to my "to grow" list! I would like to find a journal of somebody's PPP grow too. Just to wet my appetite:smoking:
  15. Hey, what if I took a clone of this plant? Is it easy to get clones started in soil?
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