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  1. This is our setup, with 250W HPS. The closet's measures are 172X90X60 cm.

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  2. The vent, getting the air inside the box.

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  3. This gets air out, so the airflow is continuous.

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  4. this is how the exaust and vent look from outside. This way the dark period is totaly dark, sealed from light. You can see also the electric setup outside and the digital timer.

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  5. this is the way we figured to make the light move easier.

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  6. electric setup

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  7. We wanted to paint the inside flat white, but since it was easier and faster, we covered with aluminum foil. The ballast is outside the closet, sorry i didnt have a picture of it. We also have a couple dishes filled with vinager to ease the smell. The vent and exhaust go off with the light, is that a good idea? Anyway, this is the closet we built and it worked fine.

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  8. Looks like it

    Many people have also used large pieces of cardboard stapled to sides ,and painted flat white. High hiding ceiling flat white paint is also more reflective than standard flat white..

  9. I agree...jorge's IS a generalization,,yet I find it fair compromize..Ed's is about the same....Using a friends light meter many years ago sold me on only the whitest paints,and know nothing else will do....peace man....grow well

  10. shit man that maaadd nice! thats exactly what im tryin to go for ... what kinda light is that and how many watts... could that light handle maybe 2-3 plants? any little tricks you could pass on??
  11. SPACE BLANKETS or other name for them is emergancy blankets i got 2 in 1 pack for $1
  12. Way cool! I see you're using that foam and foil sheeting. I'm using it in my grow box too and it works well.

    are these dimensions H, W, D? 1.7 X .9 X .6 meters about = 5.5' H X 3' W X 2' D

  13. My fan goes off with the light too, but next time i build a box i will use two fans on different circuits to allow one to run even during the dark period to keep the air exchanged.


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