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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrstudly2687, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. So I have officially become my own grower and waitin on my equipment to be shipped to me. I'm going to have a 400w in my closet that is approximately 3 ft wide x 2 1/4 ft deep x 7 ft tall. I have done alot of research and am very self confident going into this and believe in myself. Anyways, one thing I haven't found the answer for, at least specifically, is ventilation in a closet. I've got a lil oscillating fan and a hood vent thing to cool the light. How can i put exhaust fans etc in, in a closet? Will a humidifier work? Possible advice very appreciated.
  2. Well what I recomend you do is hang your exhaust fan in the top of the closet pulling air from your light fixture and blowing it out of the grow space completly via hole in the ceiling or wall. To do this you need a adequete exhaust fan. Don't forget you need to have air intakes also. I here the rule for intakes are is that you want them about twice the size of your exhaust. As far as the humidifier, that will raise your humidity not vent your grow. For good deals on ventilation check out
  3. what you want is a dehumidifier humidity means mold
  4. That is not true. Like in my grow for example my humidity is extra low, so I would need to build humidity. You are on the right track though with saying that it will cause mold but that is only if your humidity is to high.
  5. Yes what I mean was a de-humidifier. But what I'm concerned about is that how can i do exhaust fan gettin air OUT of the grow room if there are no windows or holes. it is a simple closet. 3 walls and closet doors. I can't just saw a circular hole and then find the ventilation system. suggestions?

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