Closet LSD, White Rhino Grow - Help needed!(pictures included)

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    I am usisng fox farm ocean forest, i just changed the light cycle to 12-12 for flowering yesterday, and they have had yellow tips and claw like leaves for a while. I am using azamax to treat fungus gnats when i water, and I always adjust the ph to a yellow color before i water. Anyone know whats up or are they ok ? its my first time and any help would be appreciated! thanks guys

    edit: I cant figure out how to add my pictures, does anyone know how to do that if i have them on my desktop?

  2. Using any nutes? do you know the Ph of your water. yellow is 5.4-6 then its starts to get greener once you go up to 7. If your using soil you want a more yellow green which would be 6.2-6.8.
  3. I am in soil, and i have foxfarm grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. I have been very light with nutrients and just gave them their first dose of tiger bloom, they also have purple/red coloring over many of the stems.
  4. [​IMG][/IMG] heres one image, the others are in my gallery

  5. Ok how much are you giving them?

    Also there is no picture...use the attachment manager under additional options.
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    i have only used nutes once since i put them in the ocean forest soil and it was 5 ml of growbig, this is my second watering and ive used tiger bloom and big bloom and that was after this picture...... i also feel like i may be underwatering, how much water would you suggest for a 2 gallon pot ?

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  7. research bro and u have to be the judge of the watering it depends on alot of variables humidity temp ur air circulation alot of things ur plant will tell u f its had to much wter or not enough
  8. They dont look that bad IMO. Best way to judge water gauge is pick the pot up, heavy leave it alone...light...water em.

    How are you fluxuating the PH also? PH up/down?

  9. I have heard that one is effective. I also push my finger an inch into the soil and if its dry i water.
  10. im fluctuating the ph with ph up and ph down that i got at my hydro store before i water, and i have mostly been trying to figure out why the leaves are somewhat claw like and the very tips are yellow. Also i have a dehumidifier, when would it be a good idea to use it during flowring ? the entire time?

  11. do you know the temps and RH% of your grow room?
  12. yes the temperature stays at about 75 dropping down to 70 at night. I do not have a device to test humidity so i am not positive. I have a very strong air conditioner in the room that circulates fresh air constantly, so the air flow is good to them. I am going to keep updating with pictures, I will also be trying to flower with just a T5 flourescent 125 watt fixture and a few 40 watt cfl bulbs, i have not bought the extra bulbs yet, i am thinking ill get 6700k spectrum for flowering

    Follow that schedule, plus read the pH guide in my sig, and I promise the only limits to those ladies will be the lack of light you are giving them to flower in. Check it out, you're not doing bad, but could definitely be doing better.

  14. U need red spectrum for flower not blue
  15. If your using CFL's you want 2700k not the 6700k. The higher the Kelvin rating the "bluer" the light. So 6700k would be vegging. And 2700k would be flowering.

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