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    Hey im new here, howdy.
    Decided to post my grow setup, my first weed plants have already matured and turned out to be male, so i ordered some white widow x big bud   and northern lights x skunk online and im currently germinizing and will be regularly posting updates on it :D
    For anyone who's wondering where all the wires are, i drilled a hole in the wall, and have 2 extrention outlits plugged in behind the tv. u should see it its a fucking mess.
    Got a few weed plants in there, but there random seeds i got from friends, not the northern lights or white widow.
    close up of 2 of em
    And i put my 2 male plants in the corner of my room so they can sit and think about their life choices and how them being male fucked me up on a mental, and emotional level. >.< goddamnit all that work for nothing! DO U KNOW HOW MUCH MY ELETRIC BILL WAS? $300 DOLLARS FOR 1 MONTH > :eek:!!!
    These were my first weed plants, the one on the left is 32" and the right one is 29" i think. i havent measured them since they started growing balls so ye.

  2. Welcome to Grass City!  Nice Plants!  I would advise to just kill those male plants unless you feel like breeding any of your female plants to create seeds.  Otherwise, I would just kill that male plant.  If you don't want male plants, you can also get feminized seeds.  I have seen them range from $5 to $20 per seed at the seed banks.  I think most of the time they probably have at least a 99% rate of being female if they are feminized I think.
    How did you create a $300 electric bill.  You either used a lot of electricity, or you live in an area that has high rates such as California.  Typically I think a 600 watt light should run around $30 to $40 per month to run depending on if you are vegging or flowering.  I'm in South Dakota where its cheap so I could imagine that the price would go up quite a bit for that same light in California in example.
  3. Is that tinfoil that you have on the walls of your grow box?  If so, you would not want to use that type of material.  It can create hot spots and is really not good for reflecting light anyway.  I would advise to get mylar.  Even just painting the walls white would be better than using tinfoil. 
    Also, what kind of lights are those?  Are those cfls?  If so you should at least try to get them a little bit closer to the plants.  Cfl lighting just don't reach very far compared to powerful hps.  It also may not be a bad idea to add more lights in the future or switch to MH/HPS if you want to yield a bit more.
  4. i killed my males yesterday D;
    uh when i got a $300 eletric bill it was still cold and i had a space heater to heat my house.
    yes im using CFLs, they acctualy were lower but when i took the males out i never readjusted the lights, gonna do that tonight when i plant my ww feminized seeds and northernlights feminized :D and i have a floresent grow light in the middle, which is still to high and needs to be adjusted
    i didnt know tinfoil was bad o.0 DO U KNOW HOW LONG THAT TOOK MEXD
  5. tin foil hiw annoying i feel you pain i started with tin foil took ages the searched then found it was bad pulled it out and used white paint but mylar soo much better and them emergency blankets from home depot will work for you im from uk but i hear ppl go on about home depot :) hope ya ww grow nicely. and $300 no way did that come from plant keeping i have 250w hps a big fan and other bits and i worked it out as 30 per grow ish :) keep us updated
    Wow, well, I'm in South Dakota so the biggest electric bill I have ever seen was $150 a month.  It gets very cold here in the winter, but I don't use any electric heaters.  My heat here and most everyone else uses natural gas for that.  Even with my largest bill I have had, it seems that I am still able to run about 1800 watts of lights and still only pay around $150 a month.
    As far as the light goes, something else which may be helpful would be to add more of those lights and also put them closer to the plants.  An even better option to help you yield a lot more bud would be to completely switch your lights from cfl to MH/HPS.  MH and HPS lights are much more powerful and can provide much better penetration so that your plant gets the light that it wants.
    trust me if money wasn't an issue id be goin allll out.
    cfls r just whats most affordable to me, and it seems to get the job done fairly well, i am still only a beginner, but yea ur rite i plan on getting more lights when i have the spare cash lying around. 
    By the looks of those plants, are they still vegging?  It looks like you are using a blue colored light for them.  I am noticing that they are quite tall.  One tip with that is to keep them as short as possible.  CFLs just don't have the power to reach so you want to keep them things short and flip them over to 12/12 asap.  I have never used cfls for growing before, but I would think that vegging for more than a couple of weeks would just make the plants too tall.
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    yes there still vegging, why do they look to big? should i change them to 12/12 soon?
    theres no blue light its just REALLY white and bright, its a floresent grow light i bought from home depot.
    I got 3 HUGE cfl lightbulbs and 1 floresent light.
    They look too big because they are already tall :)  But they actually stretch 2 to 3 times their size during flower so therefor you just want to allow that extra room for them to grow.  My last plants I just vegged for 3.5 months and decided to flower them when they were 5 inches tall.  3 weeks later they are 25 inches tall and about 2 feet wide after 3 weeks of stretching during the flower season.  I don't know how long you have been vegging for, but yes, I would flip them over now.  Those cfl bulbs won't even reach a foot so I don't even think its even worth it for your plants to be able to get that tall.
  11. ohh i thought they stopped growing once in flowering, god so stupid xD thats why ive ben letting them grow and grow and grow.
    well i just replanted 1 of my weed plants so imma w8 alittle intill he starts getting bigger, just so i can keep em all on the same cycle
    Oh no, they actually grow even faster once they start to flower.  The plant notices the light being reduced so therefor she is like "crap, fall is coming, I better hurry up and flower".  Because of that, they take off and will more than double if not tripple in size in the next 2 to 3 weeks during the flower season.
    Keeping them all at the same cycle makes sense.  You mentioned that you are growing Northern Lights also.  I have never grown that one, but I think its a good one and I'm going to try it soon also.  I will probably get the Northern Lights from Nirvana through the Attitude Seed Bank.
    LOL no way! thats where i got mine from, attitude. xD
    yea my northernlights and white widow r still germinizing imma plant them later today :D
    Most of us on the forums tend to agree that the tude is the best place to go for your seeds.  I ordered directly from Nirvana once and got burned.  I ordered $80 worth of seeds and got nothing.  You can't really file a claim with your credit card company because you didn't get your seeds, so that just means you are screwed.  Then I ordered from Attitude.  I ordered a shirt and a tin so that my seeds are protected during shipping, and have never had a problem since.
    White Widow was the very first strain I ever grew.  Thats one of them strains that you almost don't even want to share with your friends.  It will turn out so good that its just not anything that you or any of your friends would be able to find in your area.  People that you share it with will probably want to wonder where you got it because you will hands down have the best weed out of anyone in your area.  Everyone that tries your weed will want yours if you let them try your home grown White Widow.  lol
    yea my bf said that once our ww and northern r done growing and we harvest hes gonna give "free samples" out to a few friends like a gram for $5 or something and then when they asked omfg how much for an 8th i want! we're gonna be like $100 :D or 80, somewhere around there, im not looking to be a dealer but it wouldnt hurt making a few couple hundred off this since im putting so much money and work into it.
  16. What kind of soil are you using?  Are you using any nutrients?  Depending on the soil, a decent soil should allow them to veg for at least your first couple of weeks before you need to add any nutrients.
    I see nothing wrong with sharing with some friends.  Thats ok, we don't want to talk about being a dealer or anything like that since Grass City don't like that and laws don't either.  But sharing with a couple of friends is ok.
    Does your bf actually make you grow for him?  If so, I was going to say that maybe I should get a gf or wife to grow for me, but I think that most of us like myself tend to enjoy this hobby and plant.
    no we both grow together, hes the one who made this all possible cause he makes alot more money than i do xD nah we dont wanna be dealers or nothing, we do it for the fun of the hobby and cause i love weed xD
    im using a soiless mix of coco coir and perlite i was thinking of getting petemoss to i heard thats good :D
    for nutes i use fox farm trio :D i dont start using nutes till about 2 weeks into their grow.
    I gotta give you props for being female and liking to grow and consume weed.  We need more females out there like yourself that enjoy this hobby.  This isn't something just for guys, but this is something that everyone can enjoy together.
    I see nothing wrong with making a little bit back though to cover the costs of your labor or any equipment that had to be purchased.  None of us around here see anything wrong gaining back a little bit to cover those costs.  We are just not looking to pull a profit which I guess whats probably the big difference here.  We are mostly in it to provide our own stash to smoke but there should be nothing wrong with gaining some of your costs back if you know what I mean.
    Two weeks should be a good point to start off with the nutes.  Start off at 1/4 strength and gradually work your way up to full as the plant grows and needs it.  Otherwise, I have never grown before in just coco.  I used Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil for my first grow and then used the Fox Farm trio with that.  Thats a good organic soil that gives your plants nutrients to feed off of for the first month.  Now I no longer use bottled nutrients since I decided to switch to organic.  Now I just create a good organic soil and just add water.
    yea i saw there ocean soil online is it good? i assume everything foxfarm makes is good.
    How long u ben growing for? how many plants do you usualy plant at a time?

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