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  1. Hey all,

    just about to start a new batch but i wanted to get ur input on my set-up before i start:

    planning on running 4 plants in bubble-buckets connected in series with a 400w MH light and mylar coating on the walls.

    also this is my first time using MH and i was wondering what recommendations you guys had on bulbs

    the closet is about 2x6x5 and i wanted to make sure this had enough light and wondered what you're thoughts were on ventilation and temp problems

    any input would help, thanks
  2. Hi..

    Have you already purchased your light? A HPS light would be much better for flowering than a MH. And they are usually cheaper. If you did a search, you would find that a 400 watts was good for a 4 X 4 foot print. You will probably want some sort of venting to keep the temps down. There is tons of information on this site, use the search function and you will have all your questions answered.

    Good Luck
  3. Yeah that sounds really good, I would say a 400 watt hps sounds good, I have a 1000 watt in a 3x3, And it took a little bit to get the temp under control. Just try to mount the transformer for your light outside of the room, and that will help a lot. But I have seen that MH is better for veg stage. ( I love hps all the way, but Mh is better for it but not for flowering) 100% on using hps for flowering.
  4. thanks for the help,

    i havent purchased anything yet so thanks for saving me the trouble (and the buds;)), so i think i'll definitely go with the hps as opposed to the MH, but will the 400w be enough for four plants?
  5. Yeah you can get some good size buds from it for sure. I know a few around the area who use 400 hps, Its a lumens average rating of 50,000 lumens, As to like the 1000 watt puts out about 140,000 lumens. But I have some very very thick indicas, and I need extreme light to get all over, and I also have 8 total plants under the one hps. I will say it kinda expensive to run when you get past 600.

    I would just say keep all the light in the grow room and it would be just fine with good bud for the 400 watt. Anymore questions just drop me a line. I love hydroponic growing.
  6. yea so now im looking at the Sun System 2 400w Enclosed hps light...seems best value

    also this is my first hydro grow and i have heard a lot of different people 'swear by a lot of different nutrient companies...i've decided to go with the lucas formula just for its simplicity for my first hydro...i was hoping just to get some opinions on what product line works best

    (i'm planning on obtaining 4 indica clones if that makes a difference)
  7. there are a lot out there, I have used Advanced Nutrients, There is a guy who is pretty much a spokes person for them, Go to and search for browndirtwarrior ( the guy knows what his talkin about for sure, He let you know about all the new hydro products. Its a three part mix, ( different mixes for the water during all stages of Growing, Its easy to mix, and you want to get a good size bottle of ph down, Hydro wants a ph reading of 5.3 to 6.2. and the water can change very very fast( with in hours ) but just check it everyday. But the results are crazy sweet.

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