Closet Hydro Set Up

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  1. This isn't my closet but I helped set this one up and it's pretty sweet. Already ran 2 cycles and pulled 4+ ounces each time.

    Materials List:

    1 1000 Watt Light, Hood and Ballast
    1 Exhaust Fan
    3 Feet of Duct Work
    2 3ft lengths of chain
    2 ceiling hooks
    2 caribeaners
    2 power strips
    1 20 gallon reservoir
    1 air stone
    1 air pump
    1 6 ft air pump hose
    1 2ft x 4ft Ebb&Flow table
    2 Timers
    1 sheet of mylar 10ftx5ft
    1 oscillating fan
    1 50lb bag clay grow pellets
    1 Thermometer
    1 sub-pump
    8 cinder blocks
    2 2x12 boards 4.5ft long

    total cost approximately 650.00

    Now understandably not everyone has this kind of moeny to spend on a grow let alone something only 2ftx4ft, but if you can it is definitely worth the pay out in what you get back in the long run. This will be a step by step how-to on setting up your very own closet hydroponics grow with pictures included showing how things should look set up. Hopefully by the end of your reading and printing this out you will be on your way to growing your own medicine in a very convenient space.

    1. Cut a hole in the ceiling large or small enough for your fan's exhaust to cover and be air-tight and screw your fan into the ceiling with threaded screws.

    2. Screw in ceiling hooks in the most center point of your closet to ensure optimum light coverage throughout the room.

    3. Attach the caribeaners to the hooks already in the hood of the light as well as to one end of each length of chain.

    4. Connect the other end of the chain to the ceiling hooks and make sure your light is level and centered as much as possible in the closet.

    5. Connect the exhaust duct work to the light using duct clamps and then move to the exhaust fan where you will do the same thing. Make sure the duct work is stable and won't fall off as a hot room can spell trouble for plants.

    6. Hang your mylar either in sections or as one whole section on the walls of the room. Have the top of the mylar be about 6-10 inches above where the light shines down to ensure maximum reflection. (if you want to bypass this step you can paint your walls white with a non-reflective coating paint.)

    7. Place your cinder blocks in the closet; four laying flat as possible with a flat side up and the other four centered standing tall on the four laying flat (this should create what looks like thick table legs)

    8. Put the 2 2x12 boards across the cinder blocks to create your table. (if you have a table you can skip steps 7 and 8)

    9. Place your Ebb & Flow tray onto your table with the drains facing outward (for future work that may need to be done).

    10. Clean your 50lb bag of clay pellets with a hose and fill your Ebb & Flow tray. This will only fill it about 2/3 up which is PERFECT.

    11. Fill and place your 20 gal. reservoir underneath your table.

    12. Connect your sub-pump to the Ebb & Flow tray's drain system with the pump pumping into the tray and set it into your reservoir.

    13. Connect your hose to your air pump and to the air stone.

    14. Place the air stone in the reservoir and plug in the air pump. (an air pump is necessary to keep your water from becoming stagnant. If you water should be stagnant it has the risk of becoming rancid and producing chemical reactions with your nutrients and have adverse affects on the plants)

    15. Place a thermometer next to your Ebb & Flow tray about the level of your plants to get an accurate temperature reading. (you want your temerature to be between 75-85* F otherwise it will cause the plants stress and affect your overall yield and plant health)

    16. Place a wall-mount oscillating fan in there to help with air circulation. (this should be put up about the same height as the light pointed down to allow your plants maximum room to grow)

    17. Set up one timer for your light. Have it on for 24 hours, or do a 18/6 cycle, or a 16/8 cycle, or a 12/12 cycle.

    18. Set up the other timer for your sub-pump to cycle every 2 hours.

    19. Into your power strips you will be plugging in: 2 timers, ceiling fan, air pump, oscillating fan, and light.

    20. Plug in your power strips and begin planting.

    Planting in your Closet Hydroponic Grow

    1. Take your rooted clones from their 4-6 inch pots and clean as much dirt from the root mass as possible without really touching them. (spin the stalk of the plant between your index finger and your thumb)

    2. Just as you would in soil, dig a hole about 2 inches down to place the root mass in; intertwine the roots as best possible while keeping them covered from the exposed light.

    3. In a 2ft x 4ft set up a managable amount of plants to work with would be 30 in 5 rows of 6 plants. This will be a great way to get into a small Sea of Green set up talked about in later articles.

    And you're finished and on your way to having your own homegrown medicinal marijuana.
  2. amazing thread man. How do you like ebb and flow systems? How often do you find you have to drain and refill your res. with fresh nutrient solution? I'd love to try something like this but I am forced to grow in an attic with no water source on the floor so hydro is near impossible. :(
  3. This wasn't my set up, it's my friends. But I find that changing the nutrient solution once a week does good.

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