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  1. I made a closet with demension 120cm wide, 50cm depth and 180 hight, The closet has adjustable shelf where possible to grow at 2 levels, I installed 1x6" exaust fan where it blows air in the bottom of the closet and 2x8" exaust fans top of closet, middle shelf is perforated, Planning to use CFL lights, i'm planning to use a reflector from a stanless steel sheet that used in kitchens, dont know if it is a good idea. will start with 6x50W CFL bulbs on top of each level or might invest in HPS lights, need advise on lights. Is jiffy pellets a good germinating way, How many plants i can grow in this closet, planning to use a soil mixture of peatmoss, perlite, sand and some composted manure from ACE hardware, need advise on ratios, i will attach pics of the closet when it's done.Please help
  2. pics of the closet?
  3. if you have nothing good to say, dont bother repling
  4. I dont normally read what people have to say when they ask about closet grows unless there is pictures. I just happened to glance at the end of the post to see you will post pics later.

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