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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Xball89, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I finally got my first grow started. I got the ok from my roommate and i'm setting it all up in my closet.
    I am using bagseeds from some mids i had. I germinated my first (and what were supposed to be only) two seeds in a damp paper towel. After that i moved them both to jiffy pots and put them under the flouros in my room. Those two seeds both sprouted today.

    I ended up starting four more seeds, but instead of using the paper towel i just put them strait into the soil to germinate. No sign of any of these sprouting yet, but it should be soon.

    Current Setup:
    - 1 reg flouro w/ 2 20watt tubes
    - organic potting soil
    - jiffy pots

    Materials not being used yet:
    - 2 26watt CFL
    - 1 reg flouro w/ single 20watt tube
    - 10in clay pots
    - vigoro tomato & vegatable food 12-10-5

    - I currently have light on 24/7. Would 18/6 be better?
    - How close should the light be from the plants?
    - When should i start the nutes?
    - How soon should i transplant, and can i move the jiffy pot along with the plant or does it need to be taken out of it?

    (sorry bout the pic quality)



    this one just started sprouting today. it has a piece of the seed's shell on it still though and it hasnt quite come out of the soil cmpletely.....

    if you have any suggestions post em
    thanks :)
  2. honestly those little babies can almost be touching the flours..just keep them about an inch away. Other then that its looking good.
  3. dont water em so much, and yes 18/6 is better, the plant doe most of its growing at night
  4. HIGH All, as skittles said^^...last pic way too much water...let it dry out and hopefully it's not to late.
  5. A tip for next time, dont just plant the seeds from dry, you did it right the firsttime with the towel.If you juststick em in the soil they might be the wrong way round and the sprouts will grow down searching for the light.
    What lights are you getting to actually grow them with ? a 600 watt hps is the best all round, and also plant more seeds than you want to grow because half of them will turn out to be males which you need to pull out.A good thing to do with unwanted males is make weed butter which will nock your head off.
  6. So far plants #1 and #2 are sprouted and doing well. Plant #3 is just under the top layer of soil and i expect to see it sprouted by morning.

    As for plants #4,5,6, they were having trouble sprouting so i dug them up and replaced them with fresher seeds. I let those seeds germinate overnight in a cup of water before i buried them so i'm expecting them to pop up soon.

    the plants are on an 18/6 light schedule and are only being given water at this point.
    i started getting pots and soil ready to transplant plants #1 & 2 into. I added some nutes to the soil as well.
    how soon do u suggest i wait till transplanting them?

    i also have a small fan, is it to early to get some lite wind on the plants?

    grow setup: (main flouro- 2 20watt tubes, 2 26watt CFLs)

    plant #1

    plant #2
  7. Everythings going fairly predictable at this point. Good job:D
  8. i wouldnt worry about repotting for another week.. atleast. arent those the pots you can plant?

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