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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SugarcroN, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Me and a buddy are planning on starting a little closet grow, I read most of the grow guides and I just want a second opinion to see if I got this down.

    We're planning on using a closet about a 5 foot wide 7 foot long closet. A 250watt HPS light, each plant will grow in a 5 gallon bucket, theres gonna be about 3 plants. Should we just use regular top soil? And if a helecoptor with one of t hose heat sencor things flew by would be be able to tell if there was some of them sweet sweet buds growing in there?
  2. the closet size is coo, and also the 250hps...

    but why dont u use 3 gallon buckets. u can put at least 5 buckets, giveing u more of a chance of at least getting 3 females...

    i use miracle grow soil.. not expinsive.. i dont suggest brigging outdoor soil.. u will bring unwated visitors to your growing space....
  3. Aight that sounds cool, how much you think the lights are gonna cost?
  4. hey man if i were u i would go to ebay and type in HPS light as ur search and it should get u some good deals man like 4oowt hps 4 like 180 brand new

  5. go to they had a 400 watt hps for 100.00 got it to me in 13 days or less i forget. their 250 watt hps would undoubtly be less expensive...
  6. Its still kinda exencive, is there anyway I can use a cheaper lighting system? Or is that exactly what I need to grow efficantly?
  7. you can find compact floros at home depot or something.... ive seen some that put out 2600 lumens each bulb... you might wanna try that out.... but get the hps its best
  8. We'll see about the lights, does 18 hour son 6 hours off sound good or should I use a different light system?
  9. Yes, 18/6 is the cycle you should run for vegging. That'll allow time for the plants to get a rest in before they gotta soak up s'more of them rays.

    Compact flouros are pretty good, but they don't even come close to HPS.


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