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  1. I am planning on growing 2 ladies organically indoors. I found a small cabinet online. The only problem is I do not know exactly what lights to buy and how to ventilate the cabinet. I am thinking I need 2 CFL's equivalent to about 250W. I don't want to buy an HID because of the temperature and complications. I would like to keep things simple because this is my first grow. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to set this up. Thanks


    W36 Stackable 2 Door Storage Organizer White
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  2. I just found another cabinet that looks great. It is much larger please take a look.|Closet_Solutions_2Door_Cabinet__42%22&ref=tgt_adv_XSN10001

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  3. buy a bunch of 23w=100w CFL's and some cluster sockets. they will be perfect for your grow. buy more powerful CFL's if you can find them. the more light the better.
  4. I am thinking of getting 3 85W CFL's and having two different types of bulbs if possible. Would that do the trick?
  5. Cheap venting:

    Get the highest cfm computer fan you can find. I think the "most common ones" that are around 12 bucks each have a cfm of 110. You can find higher ones but they're harder to
    come by. Get a few fans.

    Then find a 12v ac to dc power adapter. Or just a dc power adapter. Around 8 bucks each.

    cut and strip all 4 wires. Connect the black/white wire from the power adapter to the black wire on the fan. Then connect all black wire from the power adapter to the red wire on the fan.
    Preferably connect the wires with those cap things, if not electrical tape will do to cover.

    If your fan has a white or yellow wire, that's just for a temp sensor you don't need to attatch it.

    You can add multiple fans to one power adapter. 100% safe, so don't worry.

    cut a circular hole in your cab the size of the fan blades. then drill the 4 holes to connect the fans.

    Put the exhaust fan at the top of the cab since hot air is lighter than cool air, it will rise.

    For an intake you can just cut a hole, or you can have an intake fan.
  6. yeah dave, that would probably do the trick. if i were you, i'd get 6 85w CFL's. bring on the light!
  7. OK but should I use them all at one time? Or half for vegging and the other for flowering?

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