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  1. I have an old cooler I want to do a micro grow in. I can only do this during winter months due to the fact I live in an apartment complex on the bottom floor. The closet is outdoors on my fenced in no gate patio. I am concerned about airflow and an going to use an aquarium pump to pump air to plant canopy.
    I want to get advice on a good organic soil. I have one in mind andI have access to everything I need from a bro that has a larger grow. I am going to run an LED light also provided by my bro. I am going to plant onions and garlic outside the closet to cover any smell.
    Any thoughts on this grow or advice would be appreciated.
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    Here is something that is easy for an entry-level organic grow,especially if you dont have a yard...(and I know it works) You can do an organic grow,WITHOUT buying 27 different soil amendments,if you buy ONE that has a good mixture of everything in it, Like these: From Homeboy Depot...
    And a bag of this: upload_2017-10-9_9-49-6.jpeg from Fox Farm.
    One bag of that soil and a couple pounds of either of these mixed goodies,and you in business
    And, if you really wanna get complicated, get a bottle of this:
    and mix 2 fluid ounces with one gal.water, and give 'em a 'treat' every couple weeks.
    Then after each grow ,Re-amend the soil with the same stuff, and go again. ( rinse and repeat) The soil will just keep getting better with age...( like me )
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  3. Thanks.. It turns out my bro has some type of soil similar to that. And he has enough for me. In fact he gonna bless me with a few clones. So with luck I will be in bloom before the end of the day. Guess I got work to do once this buzz eases up.
  4. Your brother sounds like a good man !
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  5. He top notch.
  6. Ask him for some worms to put in there...He prolly has some ...Worms will eat the soil food you put in there,and quickly make it available to the roots ,and the worms will raise families in your dirt,and give you a steady supply of free worm castings,INSTALLED ...
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    So I wound up putting a layer of lava rock in the bottom of a average size beer cooler. Added a layer of living soil that my bro had leftover. Put in some compost that he had that was loaded with little worms. Added 3 clones that had been in flower for a couple days. Scattered a layer of dill across everything then covered everything with wood mulch. I also put a nice aquarium pump outside the door with 4 tubes bringing in fresh air to the plants. It got hot as fuck in there yesterday but as soon as it got dark I aired it out. I added a co2 generator that runs off water and some type stuff that appears to be yeast. I added a lil sugar to that and let it start doing its thing. Last night after lights out I gave them a dose of a small black light for about 20 minutes so they could dream about UV rays. Am not sure if my lil black light is enough but wtf..... This morning I killed the fan and let the Co2 hang above the canopy while I watered and gave it a decent dose before turning the fan back on. 2 days in am seeing plants stretch with increased leaf size. No ill affects from heat or transplant. Got lucky and it cooled off here so I should be better on temps today.
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    Sounds like you're doing everything you can to make it work, & I think it will. Hope you drilled a few holes in that cooler,though...
    I've never grown anything out of a beer cooler before, but damn near everything else...
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    Did that and made a better drain. I don't think root rot will ever be an issue in this grow. That's art bro. I love that throne.
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  10. I will take some Pic's of my cooler. I don't want any GPS beacons popping up for big Brother. Even tho my grow is 100% legal. I don't trust my phone and gotta ask the ball and chain where the camera is.
  11. I've often wondered about that stuff too...But it must be safe to post pics here,or nobody would be doing it.
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  12. Thanks,Scoob.
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  13. Seven days in: My cooler grow doing well. My 3 clones doing some mad growth daily. I started introducing a lil sugar water I made from molasses a few days ago. I have been aerating my water for a couple hours prior to use to help get that extra oxygen to the roots. I added a U/VB desert reptile bulb have it hanging near the ceiling where I just get a glow over the plants so they don't burn. It is on the timer with my lights. Crazy the daily changes I see. Just milking this stretch for all I can. I think I have used up 4 wire coat hangers so far staking these girls down. Waiting for them to start budding before I post any pics. I I got stalks staked down everywhere and it aint pretty yet.
  14. Sounds like it will soon make a beautiful bouquet of flowers !
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  15. I sure hope so. Should be seeing a wave of green across the top soon. Maybe a few days later it will look like cotton.
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    20171016_083831.jpg 20171016_083844.jpg 20171016_083640.jpg Fuck it here what I got so far. Beer cooler no till closet grow. 8 days from transplant 10 days into flower.

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  17. Looks like something is working well...
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  18. 20171018_071254.jpg Showing signs of flowers today.
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