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  1. HI guys i have a question regarding a closet grow i may be about to start.
    How do i keep fan noise to a minimum? i have paper thin walls around the closet and people living above me.
    should i use soundproofing?
  2. fan noise? you should not be using something that produces hurricane force winds... gentle breeze is all you need. the noise from a fan is the least of your concerns.
  3. Are you talking about an exhaust fan or a clip fan for a slight breeze? If an exhaust inline duct fan get one that has an adjustable speed controller on it chances are you won't need the max setting anyways. On the low setting sounds kinda like a microwave fan on low amazon has some good ones for under $70

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  4. You can get little computer fans on ebay that are like little squirrel cage fans. I believe they are quieter that regular fans which tend to whine a bit. You'll need a 12V wall wart (available on ebay) to power them.

    Calculate your space in cubic feet, and get a fan that will exchange the air in the closet in 5 minutes or less. The fans have their efficiency listed in CFM's.

    Don't forget you need light traps (google this) on the fans exhaust and air intake too.

    The combined amperage of the fans together cannot exceed the amperage output of the wall wart.

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