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  1. Hi every one this is my.first go at growing and it is in my closet. The dementions are 3 1/2 h 4 w and 2 l. I have a 8 u 250 flowering florecent. Then I have a min fridge that is in construction for seedlings or clones. I have a clone that is 2 days away from 4 weeks but I messed up her roots (long story) so it set me back 2 weeks, but I'm a week in to recovery and its lookin great. then I have 2, 5 day old seedlings but pretty sure they will be male so just to be sure I have a seed in germination. I'm going for a perpetual grow system. For a havest every month. Also going with a tie down scrog. Not in it to sell just for me.
    To move air I have a horizontal fan to churn the air. Then above to get rid of stale air I hve a old ass air purifier that I for from the thriftstore. To prevent light leak I have two blankets pinned up on the inside of the closet for reflection I have two car window reflectors getto but its cheapand works.
    If anyone has any advice let me know but please don't hate

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