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  1. I'm about 6 days in and wondering if they are growing to slow?

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  2. What kind of lights, how many, and how close are they to the plants?
  3. 3 75w cfls

    4.5 inches away from plants

    Organic soil

    Temp 87 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. One light seems to be weakening everyday
  5. Yes they are growing slow. Your temp is a little high and they look like they need more light.

  6. how interesting. what do you have there? some bagseed? :wave:

    rite on! Rok n rol! :smoking:
  7. When you say 75 watts are you talking about acutal watts or equivalent?
  8. hi, they look to be stretching a lil for light,

    as "TooFastForYou" mentioned are you on about actual watts or equivalent? for example did the bulbs box say something like 23watts = 50watts something along those lines? the lowest number is the actual watts, so if i had 3 of the 23w bulbs id have 69 actual watts, not 150
  9. Two of them are 75w for sure the other one can't be it's light looks totally different
  10. Actual watts fur two lights the other might be equivalent how do I give them even more light
  11. Why r they stretching?
  12. if they're stretching, its usually down to needing more light, try getting your lights closer to start
  13. I did but I ran into another problem

    I have 3 lights 1 is a standard house cfl the other two are 75 watt grow lights and the plants love the standard like 23 watt light?

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