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  1. So, this is our little HID, organic closet grow.

    Basically they were the last batch of seedlings started indoors to be taken outdoors to our guerrilla grow spot. We did not end up having enough room for another bed outside (there is a small spot with a limited window of light on a mountain), so we decided to just try our luck with a small batch inside. So far, very happy with the results. These were started about three weeks to a month ago and have been transplanted twice.


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  2. Lookin' good! :)

    I see you got the nutes you need. I went with the Apollo light kit instead of iPower because of the 3 year warranty on bulbs and ballast. How's that one working for you?
  3. It's working great for us. We had a big power outage for like a week a few months back and after that it wouldn't turn on right away, but it finally turned on and we haven't had the problem since!
  4. Yeah, I had a power outage for a couple days and my babies were in the dark.

    Except once the ballast turned off and back on, wasn't the breaker on the house cause the A/C and lights stayed on. Caused my HPS bulb to burn out.. sucks, i'm week 6 in flowering with a MH, and got at least a month left

    edit: and it was a $100 hortilux dual spectrum bulb..
  5. the progress these girls are making is bananas! noticeable growth every 12 hours!
    pics either later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Uploading these pictures for farmerone on my computer because his is sucking and he is asleep. What's a girlfriend for?

    Anywho, these are just two pictures of the closet. Farmerone will probably want to take close ups and what not, good pictures for all you crazies to jerk it to.

    Enjoy =)

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