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    Hey all,

    I'm starting a closet grow journal today, workin with a few random types of bag weed, dream dragon, cheese, and bannana kush, 18 plants in all. I've got them all in rapid rooters inside a dome that I am spraying the top of every 2 days.

    Banana Kush showing a little sprouting on day 3
    Cheese too!!

    I'm hoping to have them all out of the dome and into pots at day 20
    Just realized I havent showed you guys the setup yet.

    Entry way's to the grow room
    Through the curtains-2 96w 4 bulb T5's and 2-24w single bulb T5's on the sides
    Mylar lined walls
    96w 4 bulb T5 and 24w single bulb T5
    Empty tray waiting for the crop (putting T5 up on right wall before planting)
    Pump for ebb and flow system
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    Nutes and tools

    Pumps timers and keepin it sanitary

    Just waitin till their needed

    That's it for now, any and all suggestions welcome.

    Happy growin'
  3. Day 5:
    Was workin at the grow room all day today. Got there and the temperature was 88!!

    Here's a pic once I figured out what I was going to do (dropped a couple degrees)

    Decided to re route the ac duct into my closet

    This is what were starting with

    Then with a lot of duct tape and cardboard
    AND some help from MJ

    A couple hours later and the duct was complete and this is what I had

    Worked like a charm, by the end of the night I had my temp down to 72 degrees
  4. Day 5 Plant Update

    The 3 we have have just about double in size over the night. Right now cheese is the tallest around 1 1/2 inches, and banana kush and dream dragon are both about an inch tall.

    Banana Kush
    Dream Dragon

    Happy growin' to all
  5. Day 7 Update

    Dream Dragon struggling right now, roots are looking fine. Most likely just over watered.

    Set up a crutch for the Cheese, was starting to lean and wanted to catch it early

    Strung up the banana kush a lil bit

    And my fiance would be mad if I didn't put these up, her new vegetable tray germinating for our new balcony NFT system

    Happy Growin'
  6. Plants arn't looking too good. Pretty sure it's from stretching, moved the lights much much closer to the seedlings and pH'd the water I sprayed lightly in the tray of the humidity dome. Any suggestions?
  7. Help needed y'all
    banana kush


    Any Suggestions?

    Happy growin' y'all
  8. damn bro...they dont look good at often were they getting water and what kind of medium is that you started them in? jiffys?
  9. I was watering them once every 2 days or so with lights around 1 1/2-2 ft. That's when things went bad, I moved the lights to around 3inches (they're T5's) took off the humidity dome and am trying to get them to straighten out.

    Granted they are terrible seeds from random strains I've smoked lol. Got some better seeds comin in within a week or so.

    The medium I have them in right now are rapid rooters.

  10. how much water were you giving them? because the medium looks bone dry :D
  11. The guy I got the dome from said to spray down the top of the dome every 3 days and stick it back on, now im just spraying the roots every 2 days of so with ph'd water
  12. oh you have them in a dome...that dome needs to have moisture a lil eco you have any type of humidity built up into the thing? and i would saturated those plugs before use and do so every couple of days until the plant is established for transplant...i wouldnt worry so much about pH balanced water...they will still take...and not really should be uptaking any nourshment from anywhere else except those embryo leaves
  13. Thanks for gettin back to me you think there is anything I can do for them at this point?
  14. see if you could raise the humidity and soak those rapid rooters
  15. is it worth taking the dome off or leaving it on? With it on the lights can only get about 6 inches away

  16. well you can use the lights to create humidity...i wouldnt worry about the distance from the lights to the seedlings at the moment...if you have a spray bottle, i would mist the top of the dome...and spray around the empty containers just to have some h20 floating around...6 inchs for now is fine
  17. the only reason I ask is cuz the cheese stretched really really quick off the start; that's why I moved the light down in the first place. By that time though the leaves had already been wilting and the sprouts bending.

    thanks again for all the help man
  18. not lookin good, buut thankfully they were bag seeds...learned from the mistakes and have some seeds comin in this week from attitude

  19. Well, that's a bummer it didn't worl out for you first try, but like you said, live and learn! At least they wernt expensive bought seeds though right?
    Btw, that closet looks prime for a growskees, props on the t5s!
    You blooming with t5s?

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